Chinese control observation the leading cadres of the office to ban new embarrassment


haze warning rings frequently, smaze (second-hand tobacco smoke) must keep up with the action." In January 10th, the new research centre for health development "2016 Chinese perspective" — folk tobacco control observation report conference on tobacco control experts, director of the Research Center for health development of Wang Kean stressed that in the haze on the basis of the harm to health more superimposed haze.

for the current Chinese smoking status in one, Wang Kean concluded, there are 316 million smokers, 740 million victims of passive smoking to health state, close cannot bypass the "tobacco control". "The tobacco control strategy proposed health China 2030" is China government’s political commitment. However, the implementation of this strategy, to achieve this commitment, the need for specific action rules. "But some of the changes should not show that the cause of China’s tobacco industry still exists."

, the current national tobacco control laws and regulations are likely to reverse

The changes in the

two draft "Regulations on the control of smoking in public places" are a case in point.

Wang Kean introduced by the end of 2014, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office on the Internet was open for the control of smoking in public places on the drafting of the National Guard Planning Commission Ordinance "(Draft)" opinion, the strong support from the online public opinion. But this year, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office also announced the "public place Smoking Control Ordinance (Draft)", has set off a shock and reverse the voice of domestic and international tobacco control field. Because the comparison of the two draft, it is not difficult to find some of the obvious changes: first, the room is allowed to set up smoking areas; the two is the non indoor work area is allowed to smoke.

two years ago, "the draft" clearly defined "indoor smoking in public places", and in 2016 the "draft" allows the indoor public places smoking areas, and put forward the "common area beyond all expectations of indoor work places do not allow smoking area" of such a new concept. Obviously, such as a single office to allow smoking, leading cadres of the single office whether smoking, once again become the elimination of second-hand smoke, the new embarrassment. Exception to the leadership of the single office, will form a privilege culture. This is no doubt the same as actively promote the construction of smoke-free environment, the party and government organs to build a smoke-free state of the national strategy back and forth, is a step backwards.

Zhengqigeyi system become the biggest obstacle to China tobacco control

The new exploration of tobacco control experts,

deputy director of health development research center Wu Yiqun pointed out that a system of combining government decisions at all levels of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the tobacco industry’s biggest task is the development of the tobacco industry, their only concern is the center of tobacco sales and profits, and will not support tobacco control, this has become the biggest obstacle of tobacco control.

according to the "2016 China observation — angle of folk" tobacco control report;