Chongqing city to create fertile ground for entrepreneurship western area; a business innovati

Chongqing city to create fertile ground for entrepreneurship   in the western region; a scene of entrepreneurial innovation boom – Chongqing windows — awards. Contestants road show scene. Chongqing on 30 September, (Hu Hong) 29, the circle of Chinese dream, youth create the future "as the theme of the second session of the" Chinese Chong wing "youth entrepreneurship and innovation competition of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the national finals ended in Chongqing. The contest lasted more than half a year, 40 projects from all over the country to upgrade high-end equipment manufacturing industry finals. As the host of the contest, the Chongqing a total of 8 projects shortlisted for the national finals, and in the finals and won the first prize and the first prize group enterprise team, also won 2 third-prize, 2 prize, 2 prize golden wings. Strategic leadership, China hit a wing ignite entrepreneurial enthusiasm is understood, in March 2015, China Wing innovation youth entrepreneurship competition came into being. Co hosting the tournament by the Chinese Song Qingling foundation and the Ministry of human resources and social security of the national contest, aimed at discovering and selecting outstanding youth entrepreneurship and innovation projects, provide comprehensive public business services, accelerate the project landing, promote its development and create a favorable environment for youth entrepreneurship struggling, achieve a multiplier effect venture to promote employment. The first contest, a total of more than 3 thousand entries in the country to participate in the competition, of which there are only 284 in Chongqing. Southwest Division has 7 projects qualify for the national semifinals, Chongqing with 3 projects ranked first southwest division. Chongqing entrepreneurs Wei Jianhua by virtue of the first micro equipment and rapid production of water reducer project into the top ten, won the award winning group of enterprises, Chongqing City Human Social Security Bureau won the contest outstanding organization award. The first contest, organizers decided to put the second "China Chong wing" youth entrepreneurship and innovation contest to do more professional, the establishment of new energy and environmental protection industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industries such as the four season and a special race. Relying on Chongqing in the robot and other high-end equipment manufacturing industry rapid development momentum and influence in the industry, under the leadership of the municipal government, Chongqing City Human Social Security Bureau and other departments through the efforts to get the high-end equipment manufacturing industry the national semi finals and finals host. In January this year, the second session of the "China Chong wing" youth entrepreneurship and innovation competition. National youth entrepreneurship innovation boom outbreak – attracted nearly 13 thousand projects nationwide entries. This figure is equivalent to 4.2 times the first contest. In six months time, high-end equipment manufacturing industry with a long registration, qualification examination, preliminaries, semi-finals, the national finals in 5 stages. The afternoon of September 29th, the 40 national finals into the project in Chongqing fierce competition. Policies to boost Chongqing entrepreneurial innovation, constantly open innovation in recent years, in the national strategy under the guidance of the Chongqing municipal government attaches great importance to the "double" work. The municipal government has issued "on the employment work well under the new situation of the implementation of views", "promotion of migrant workers and other personnel home business plan" and "on speeding up the construction of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation support platform to implement the views of" a number of documents)相关的主题文章: