Chongqing college student formula 400 thousand racing speed of up to 160 kilometers per hour aapt.exe

Chongqing 400 thousand students made racing speeds up to 160 kilometers, the appearance of fashion cool, speed can reach 160 km racing, you believe is a group of college students spend the summer vacation made? Yesterday, Chongqing University of Technology, following the 30 members of the formula one team, racing the ceremony in the school, they spend the whole summer vacation time is made out of formula one, will be held in Hubei Chinese formula sae. Let’s see what the car looks like. The car appearance cool   maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour yesterday, reporters at the Chongqing University of Technology College of automotive engineering, see the following formula one team captain Zhang Guoqing. He is 23 years old this year, the first year of graduate school. In the team’s workshop, Zhang Guoqing and some of the players are making their formula car to make the final improvement, the production of the vehicle has entered the finishing stage. Zhang Guoqing told reporters that the black car racing team is that they spent nearly 1 years to design, R & D, manufacturing out of focus in the last 3 months this summer; in order to participate in this year held in Hubei in October China students formula auto race (FSAE). Reporters on the scene to see, this car is a black car, about 3 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, weighing 245 kg, 4 single seater racing wheels, abnormal eye-catching, sharp front with the number 48, and "Shi Ji" two characters, the tail is also very exaggerated. In this year’s New Year season, the team for the first time in the campus drive car, cool appearance, it attracted many students onlookers. "Since 2015, FSAE ‘oil’ and ‘Electric’ cars have been separated." Zhang Guoqing said that they made this formula racing car, is to oil based. In accordance with the requirements of the race, they must use the displacement of not more than four 610cc stroke gasoline engine. Improve the engine intake and exhaust system, the independent design and production of fuel tanks, cockpit instruments, the use of MOTEC fully replace the ECU, self calibration of the engine, the use of traction control, can achieve ejection start function." Zhang Guoqing told reporters, after their changes to the engine, they can speed up the theoretical formula of 160 km. But for security reasons, but also because of the venue restrictions, they practice, the general will be controlled within 100 kilometers per hour. The vehicle at a cost of nearly 400 thousand seats can withstand 20 thousand volts the whole car racing, in addition to the appearance of fashion, the core components of professional racing is not lost. Zhang Guoqing said that the core components of the vehicle, the transmission is imported from Germany, spent more than 20 thousand yuan, the engine also comes from Germany, although it is second-hand, but still more than $20 thousand. "All carbon fiber body, in the production of two times the need to paint oil, but also to enhance the strength of the core felt, the last set of vacuum film, into the resin, vacuum pumping." Zhang Guoqing said that the use of carbon fiber body, the purpose is to reduce the quality of the body, is conducive to speed, but also to withstand the durability test, and this cost is also more than 30 thousand yuan. In addition, the frame, suspension.相关的主题文章: