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UnCategorized Twitter is a prominent website and has numerous users. In Twitter, the username of a person is very important. This is why choosing a username in Twitter matters more than most other services. The site already enjoys a lot of traffic and due to increase in its users, the name that a person has for his profile will determine the number of followers to his profile. The name should reflect what the user is known as in Twitter rather than what he uses to log in. A funny name is always better. Number, special characters and unpronounceable names are best avoided. The username of a person should be short for the convenience of others. A short name is preferable because Twitter allows for only 140 characters and it would be really annoying to type a long name. If a person is Twittering for his business, the user name must reflect the name of his .pany or what it known as. A business name is not suitable if a person is not Twittering for his business. A person should have a meaningful name that is short and easy to remember. There is a chance that people might forget names that are long. The username once registered facilitates you later to alter the name without losing everything that existed in the prior registration. Twitter certainly facilitates in changing at any point of time the username and in retaining all the followers. You should remember to tell regarding the new username or others may be left confused about your existence and who is the new person contacting them. It is useful to mention about your changes in the username as well as your web address on the twitter. This is essential so that in case you alter your username, the links from websites to your former messages will get shunned and you will not receive messages. The messages stored in the Twitter are at twitter.. and owing to this the timeline is available to public than being private. However, many are indexed by Google. A new twitter with a small history of messaging can also access it .fortably. Choosing a name on twitter can be done of the settings page and you can merely follow the link that is shown in the top right corner of the twitter page. This facilitates the user as he can choose a name easily and very easily change the name to suit his or her convenience. But, only proper information should be given to his followers so that they contact at the right address. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: