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Citic securities proprietary first half of the huge loss of 5 billion 500 million top ten awkwardness nine trapped sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years of experience in the direct losses of veteran self becomes one of the main reasons of CITIC Securities fell sharply in the first half of the performance. Li from the first half of 2016, CITIC Securities proprietary losses. The carrying amount of the shares held in the first half of the year, plus the total actual loss of shares sold up to 5 billion 564 million yuan. The top ten awkwardness nine trapped. The interface of news reporter access to CITIC Securities annual report in 2016 showed that the top ten stocks are heavy, remove longpinggaoke (000998.SZ) a slightly floating surplus, the other nine stocks all stuck. Among them, the largest stock book loss (601766.SH), Chinese Zhongche holds the number of 1 billion 130 million shares, accounting for the reporting period total securities investment ratio of 4.3%, as of the end of June, the stock book loss 416 million yuan. It holds Ultrapower (300002.SZ) carrying a loss of 180 million yuan; Dongyang mansion (600673.SH) carrying a loss of 230 million yuan. Remove the top ten awkwardness, CITIC Securities holdings of other securities investment, the first half of the total amount of losses of up to 4 billion 16 million yuan. Securities investment in the first half of the actual loss of 57 million yuan. Overall, the first half of the total loss of 5 billion 564 million yuan equity investment. Proprietary losses directly become one of the main reasons for the sharp decline in the first half of CITIC securities. August 24th evening, CITIC Securities semi annual report released in 2016. CITIC Securities said in the semi annual report, the securities investment business, and brokerage business revenue fell sharply as the main reason for the decline in performance. Semi annual report shows that in the first half of this year, CITIC Securities revenue and net profit fell sharply year on year. Among them, the first half operating income of 18 billion 159 million yuan, down by 41.63%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company of $5 billion 242 million, an increase of up to 57.96%. Among them, securities investment, stock investment losses, other projects including warrants and convertible bonds investment profit, the first half of the overall implementation of the securities investment business income 2 billion 471 million yuan, but the year also dropped 77.54%; realize the brokerage business income 5 billion 970 million yuan, down 46.7%. Citic securities proprietary and brokerage business has been weak. In December 2011, CITIC Securities has huge loss due to self, the self blood transfusion department. CITIC Securities semi annual report of the board of directors, the expression of the securities proprietary business, the first half of 2016, continue to promote the transformation of the stock self strategy. Strengthen the basic research efforts, continue to explore the self mode of Multi Strategy, good results. In addition, semi annual report shows other business conditions respectively, information management business first half revenue 3 billion 582 million yuan, representing a decline of 6.62%; the underwriting of securities first half revenue 2 billion 964 million yuan, an increase of 59.84%; the fixed income business, CITIC credit theory相关的主题文章: