Civilized tourism three parties to handle the uncivilized behavior of Tourism

Civilization tourism three joint governance tourism uncivilized behavior of visitors to walk along the toilet cover "aftermath is not scattered, recently Chinese tourists has been discovered in the park by the Australian police arrested urinating incident, one after another the uncivilized behavior, caused widespread concern in the community. In recent years, outbound tourism has become an important way for Chinese tourists leisure. World Tourism Organization data show that in 2015 the number of Chinese outbound tourism reached 117 million passengers, tourism spending $104 billion 500 million, China continues to rank the world’s largest outbound travel consumer countries. At the same time, some bad habits China tourists has been brought to foreign countries, undermine the image of the people, the country lost face. In fact, for tourism uncivilized behavior, tourism authorities in China has taken great pains. From the establishment of a blacklist of visitors to the opening of 12301 service hotline, from the pre release travel tips to the establishment of tourist police around the country, travel tour court, uncivilized travel behavior has been a certain amount of containment. National Tourism Administration data show that since April 6th last year, the introduction of the "Interim Measures for the management of tourists uncivilized records," since 22 tourists have been blacklisted, this figure is still increasing. However, these measures are not enough to form a deterrent to some uncivilized tourists, can not let people feel sorry. The face of a large number of tourists uncivilized behavior, strengthen supervision alone is not enough, must also be "dredging and". In addition to the law of the tourism management department, the media and the community should be widely publicized, so that the cultural quality of the outside of the conscious action of the people. Tourism authorities in China should take the responsibility, through a variety of ways, the code of conduct propaganda in place before visitors enter the scenic area, the "ugly words in front of". In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the travel agency, tour guides and leaders of the main sense of responsibility, so that it will travel to remind visitors to pay attention to their own behavior as an important part of their work. For those who do not travel agencies organize education before, tourism authorities should be given severe punishment. Of course, for outbound tourists, it is also necessary to know more about some common rules and special customs. A respected traveler should do as the Romans do, to maintain the basic courtesy of nature and history in awe, respect for cultural differences. In short, in order to move out of this stumbling block uncivilized tourism, the need for institutional constraints and moral education dual drive. Only in this way, in order to allow civilized tourism internalized in the heart, out of line.相关的主题文章: