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Games In this article I’m gonna review my favorite classic horror game, Resident Evil 3: Last Escape. Keep reading. You will play as Jill Valentine, an ex-STARS member who is trying to escape from Raccoon City. The city itself has infected by T-Virus, turning the residents into flesh eating zombies. And the worse, you must face a powerful bio weapon who is programmed by Umbrella Corporation to kill the members of STARS, Nemesis. Fighting this monster can waste your ammo. He will try to catch you where ever you run, throw you away like a doll, and nemesis can also shoot you with his rocket launcher. Another enemy you must aware is Hunter The Frog, a big frog that you can find in certain areas of the game. He can cut off your head by using his sharp claws. *Bad Control The control of this game is confusing especially for beginners. No matter where the camera shoots your character, you still need to press Up button to move forward or Down button to move backward. *Confusing puzzles There are three types of puzzle in this game. The first, you must bring certain keys or items in one place and use them in another place (the most annoying thing in this game). The second, you just have to solve puzzle in one place such as pushing boxes or pressing certain switches correctly. The third, you need to find certain codes and hints (by reading through files) and use it to open the locked doors. Unfortunately, this game is too short. It makes since RE 3 only has one scenario (compared to RE 2 which has more than three scenarios) and only one character is available (plus one sub character, Carlos Olivera) Even tough RE 3 is not a perfect game, it is still the best survival horror game in the PlayStation Console. Thanks for reading… Click this link to visit my blog: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: