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Click on the network of nearly ten billion   "smile" why so fire, entertainment channel, original title: "smiled very little" why so fire "smiled very little" finally ending, otherwise the audience really should be a sweet diabetic. Compared to adaptation and another novel author Gu diffuse the drama of the same name "energy-saving", the show whether the ratings data or network heat favorably. Since August 22nd in Jiangsu satellite TV and Oriental TV and broadcast on Youku has always occupied the major TV at the same time the ratings of the first three positions. In terms of network clicks, Youku playback volume as of press time reporter has reached 7 billion 900 million, is likely to break billion, to create the site click on the highest historical value. Not only that, the play also crazy fire to Vietnam and abroad! Video website zingtv Chinese update, local Chinese subtitles enthusiasts will be dubbed into Vietnamese, Vietnamese for users to watch the results of a hair get out of hand…… Zingtv push the drama on the home page, outstanding achievements, a single set of playback volume exceeded 700 thousand, ranking top. But it is also curious to say, why is a person being Tucao acting general, the story is also very simple idol drama, why such a fire? The author himself screenwriter highly fit the original "smiled very little" the original novel is one of the representatives of the Gu diffuse, describes the computer system and the Curve Wrecker flower shell tiny grass level God seniors Xiao Nai from the game to the reality of a trans dimensional love story. This work is a lot of readers fall in love with the theme of the online entry into the pit. "Online games" this distinct element, almost determines the target audience of the play is accompanied by the growth of the game of the younger generation. Their viewing habits with networking, mobile, small screen features. This also resulted in the performance of the play in the network better than the two TV broadcast effect. Author Gu diffuse himself screenwriter also makes the drama extremely consistent with the original, also makes the positioning work itself and the plot style are extremely accurate, yes, it is a pure youth idol drama, no rather baffling misunderstanding, no Disaster comes from the sky. accident, fresh, sweet, beautiful, happy, which is a the youth idol temperament, more fit to the audience to watch the drama of relax and relieve the pressure. "Smiled" very little success, that fresh love Youth Drama can also be very exciting. More lines "wholly intact Xiao senior good clever" unfortunately, I’m waiting for you to reproduce the original powder "high-energy, many said" God must restore praise". So last night the show ending, many sweet cry of the audience in the online shouted "dog food has been reluctant to eat", but while the play ends. The protagonist from three concept is not affected people not hypocritical praise youth not only sweet love, "smiled very positive energy are positive in Qingcheng" to Wang and the abuse of sugar, when many people on the network Xiao Nai God tease sister skills impressed, also able to find Xiao Nai also not because of emotional neglect, Yang Yang in the play there is another major work, entrepreneurship. Today, entrepreneurship is a very popular thing, more and more ideal university相关的主题文章: