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"Code" the tragic ending of Lv Xingchen tear interpretation of female growth history – Sohu "code" tragic ending entertainment stars, Lu Qiao Renliang stills Sohu entertainment starring Qiao Renliang, Lv Xingchen, Zu Feng the Spy Drama "code" from the login Tianjin TV since, with its ups and downs of the plot, colorful character, and viewing the reputation of good harvest. Recently, "code" tragic ending, Lv Xingchen’s stubborn dignified from Yao to Fu Jianv metamorphosis into strong tolerance of independent women. The Spy Drama "code" tragic ending Lv Xingchen interpretation of an epic of a woman last night, the Spy Drama "code" in Tianjin TV’s tragic ending, the Pearl Harbor incident, Zhou Xiaocun proposed to lead people to escape from the secret channel. Zhou Xiaocun and his wife in the old talk, Feng Sumei shot, Zhou Xiaocun sounded grenades and a small. Played by Lv Xingchen to Yao sacrificing themselves to nine thinking for the final opportunity to attack the enemy, strength shows a pampered great lady into the new era of women’s interests to the nation, is a woman’s epic growth. Lv Xingchen first appeared in the TV series can have such a prominent performance can be described as four. It is pretty sweet big miss, full of jealousy or a small woman, or calm in a crisis for the love sharing women in the new era, the deductive are remarkable. Especially when she died in the attention away from the enemy under sniper fire, and unable to part of the show very touching fearless of death for a just cause. Lv Xingchen blue (Xing) Yao (Chen), (JU) (TOU) notes Yan value praise played Lv Xingchen in the micro-blog circle jija strength powder brief wrote in the "Pearl Harbor incident" a few words, concise and comprehensive to reveal the finale content reverie, while the audience have a message expressed dismay, the outcome is not good this, thought you two can All is well.,… "" today to the end, not the shed." "The big end, there is no and nine together". There are also the audience praised Lu Yan Zan jija "play value stars have to say you are the color value drops Yan acting by you, the success of ring powder" in this movie I love most to Yao, looks good, do good, the person that focus on the male body feeling played especially, you feel quite talented, hope to have more good works!"   相关的主题文章: