Cold air strikes in Shanghai tonight local sleet tomorrow morning suburbs only 2 degrees (video) lm3886

Cold air strikes in Shanghai tonight local sleet tomorrow morning only 2 of suburban London according to the latest news: according to Shanghai release, cold air arrived today, Shanghai has entered the "frozen" mode, the weather temperature low, the city center’s highest temperature only 6.6 degrees today, the western and northern regions and the night light rain or rain snow, midnight to overcast to cloudy. Tomorrow, although the rain breaks, turn cloudy to sunny weather, but the temperature is lower! The minimum temperature is only 4 degrees, 2 degrees in the suburbs, there are dark cream or cream, the highest temperature near 9 degrees. Remind the package tomorrow morning when we go out to do weatherization measures Oh ~ Friday, Saturday of the city ushered in a precipitation process, the temperature will rise slowly. The next few days the weather on Friday November 25th: overcast to cloudy with showers, 6~12 on Saturday November 26th: overcast with rain, 8~12 degrees on Sunday November 27th: 7~13 overcast to cloudy, overcast to cloudy, Monday November 28th: 8~12 yesterday, the second half of the strongest cold air Shanghai, blue gale warning day high of almost hanging, the highest temperature compared with the previous day fell about 7 DEG C. Tomorrow, Shanghai will also further cooling. Shanghai Meteorological Bureau forecast, the highest temperature during the day is only 9 degrees Celsius, compared to the 20 day cooling rate of up to 9 degrees Celsius, accompanied by light rain all day. Tomorrow will usher in the cold air of the coldest morning, the center of the city’s minimum temperature is only 5 degrees Celsius, the suburbs of 2 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius, with cream or dark cream. The cold air temperature reduction comparable to the Shanghai suffered early "30 years in" cold air. This could swoop in winter? Shanghai Meteorological Service Center Chief Service Officer Zhang Ruiyi said, meteorology meaning after 5 consecutive days of winter average temperature lower than 10 DEG C is said on the first day of entering the winter day. Friday is the day the temperature will rise slowly, after 4 to 5 days in the north without strong cold air, the temperature change of Shanghai is stable. The highest temperature of the weekend can rise to 13 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature at 9 or 10 degrees centigrade, so the cold air can in one fell swoop Shanghai into the winter, the temperature changes remains to be seen weeks later. The winter is still suspense, but the temperature of this week last week significantly under a step. Air temperature dips and rainfall affected the Shanghai city road traffic pressure increase. According to statistics, 7 pm to 17 pm yesterday, the city’s congestion 110 reported number is increased by about 5% the day before the accident, 110 pick off and basically the same as the day before yesterday. In response to climate change and the ensuing traffic congestion, Shanghai public security organs to give full play to the advantages of motorized motorized mobility, rapid detection of traffic violations, rushed to the congestion node row blocking security. At the same time, the command center at all levels rely on video patrol and real soldiers patrol mechanism to further strengthen the road monitoring, congestion found in a timely manner to deal with. "" "Shanghai today recommended: Shanghai to take the high-speed rail to Kunming only 10 hours 3 days up to speed up to 200 meters up to now unknown obstacles in Shanghai port in the Yangtze River with wave floating Apple mobile phone can replace the battery replacement problem but quite demanding real estate intermediary in the middle of the night" part-time "car thieves smashed a window to steal the car. More than 40 Shanghai motor vehicle licensing deal" 20 1 ")相关的主题文章: