College students buy new mobile phone hit not cold, beware of hit the human

College students in the new "hit" buy a mobile phone is not cold against "bought into Terran" iPhone 7 door in the cafeteria was hit once gone, how is this going? Recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police received the alarm call area of a University of 3 students, said he just bought the apple mobile phone was stolen. The police through the investigation found that the theft suspects collided in the cafeteria door with a victim’s chance, took the opportunity to steal mobile phone. Police remind the public friends, beware of these roadside heart hit the terran". More than 12 points in October 27th at noon, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Qinhuai branch Ruijin Road area police station received a university Zhang Tongxue (Surname) the alarm call, said he just bought the iPhone 7 in the school cafeteria Door No. 1 was stolen. After receiving the alarm, immediately went to the police station to understand the situation of the university. See the police came, Zhang Tongxue told the police, at about half past eleven, he went to the canteen, had dinner ready to go back, feeling of being hit. The habit of another pocket, found not long bought iPhone 7 disappeared. "Before I have been playing mobile phone, mobile phone just after lunch to get on my coat pocket." Zhang Tongxue said, this is his mobile phone at the end of September 7 iPhone website to spend 6188 yuan to buy their own, yet muggy was the thief to go along. In the survey at the same time, the police also received another two students report, is also his recently bought Apple mobile phone stolen. The police then retrieved near the cafeteria monitoring by watching the surveillance video, when police found Zhang finished food from the canteen out, wearing a dark blue jacket, jeans after the man was hit Zhang, Zhang took the mobile phone from the pocket, followed immediately turned and left the umbrella. But the other two students were also stolen in other cafeteria door stolen. At present, for this Qinhuai police investigation, the case is still under investigation. Police analysis, the suspect is crowded with people dining room features, deliberately not careful with the students "hit", while the students did not suspicious at the same time, the opportunity to walk along the students put in the pocket of the mobile phone conveniently. Police remind the public friends, out of time must not put the mobile phone in the clear coat pocket. Especially in the road, shopping malls, hotel of the high traffic areas more attention. Some of you deliberately hit "hit the Terran" using collision of the moment, he stole the public pocket or bag of valuables.

大学生新买手机被“撞”没 天冷提防“撞人族”才买的iPhone 7在食堂门口被人“撞”了一下就没了,这是怎么回事?近日,南京秦淮警方陆续接到辖区某大学3名同学的报警电话,称自己才买的苹果手机被人偷了。警方通过调查发现,盗窃嫌疑人利用在食堂门口与受害者相撞的机会,借机偷走手机。警方提醒广大市民朋友,注意提防路边这些有心的“撞人族”。10月27日中午12点多,南京市公安局秦淮分局瑞金路派出所接到辖区某大学张同学(化姓)的报警电话,称自己刚买的iPhone 7在学校的1号食堂门口被人偷了。接到报警后,派出所民警立即前往该大学了解情况。见到民警赶来,张同学告诉民警,中午十一点半左右,他到食堂打饭,打完饭准备往回走的时候,感觉自己被人撞了一下。习惯性的再一摸口袋,发现刚买没多久的iPhone 7就不见了。“打饭前我一直在玩手机,拿到饭盒以后随手就将手机放在外衣口袋了。”张同学说道,这手机是他9月底在iPhone 7官网上花6188元钱购买的,自己还没捂热就被小偷给顺走了。就在调查的同时,民警又陆续接到另外两名同学的报案,也同样是自己刚买不久的苹果手机被盗了。民警随后调取食堂附近的监控,通过观看监控视频,民警发现张同学打完饭从食堂出来的时候,一名身穿深蓝色上衣,牛仔裤的男子撞了张同学以后,从张同学口袋拿走手机,跟着立即转身撑伞离去。而另外两名被偷的同学也分别在别的食堂门口被盗了。目前,针对此事秦淮警方已经立案侦查,具体情况还在进一步调查中。警方分析,嫌疑人正是利用食堂人多拥挤的特点,故意不小心与同学“撞”一下,趁同学没有起疑的同时,借机顺走同学随手放在口袋里的手机。警方提醒广大市民朋友,外出的时候一定不要将手机放在明显的外衣口袋。尤其是在路上、商场、饭店这种人流量大的地方更加要注意。一些故意撞你一下的“撞人族”利用冲撞的瞬间,顺手就偷走了市民口袋或者包里的贵重财物。相关的主题文章: