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Conclusion: Pelle Luneng girlfriend detonated vision occupation spirit commendable Luneng striker Pelle source: Taishan evening news Niu Zhiming from the international popular European Cup to the Luneng Taishan main Feng Ba, Paley experience wonderful changes in 2016. Many people mentioned Paley, the first time will think of his girlfriend varga. On the pitch, Paley become Luneng relegation hero; on the sidelines, Varga powder has become the focus of tens of thousands of. Langcainvmao, Pele and his girlfriend is not just on the pitch to Luneng harvest, there are all sorts of good otc. First on the field, as the main center of Italy in the European Cup, Pele’s ability to doubt. Reached the height of 194cm pellet has a good foot, chest and make the ball more. After joining Luneng, Pele in the super 13 appearances and scored 5 goals 2 assists, 2 appearances in the AFC Champions League goals and assists. Single from the data, Paley data is satisfactory, after all he had to Luneng and super, need to have a process of adaptation. But from the expected, Paley play is obviously not ideal, it is not his problem, but Luneng of the offense problem. How to become a difficult problem for the Paley pass, perhaps a lot of people are tangled is pass, but really play a role not only Pelle, so simple. You know, Paley have height advantage, but not blindly will only head, his feet as well, as long as the box can receive the ball, they can create a threat. Look at the five goal Luneng pelle. The first ball, relaxation in Pelle header, this is only a winger header. Second, monkey feather biography, Paley box volley succeeded, the ball fully demonstrated the Pelle shooting technique, very comprehensive. Third balls, one headed up, the ability of Peilaimen before the opportunity to grasp the good, very good. The fourth ball, and move against national security, received Youxilei pass, Paley face Yang, hit the door lightly, yijianfenghou. In that game, Paley also manufactured a penalty box after the ball can protect the ball, also can break the threat, this is his threat. The fifth ball, a goal, the most wonderful chesting, pick the ball out, volley, go, show this is the strength of the paley. Has the body, has the technology, is very comprehensive. From the above five goals can be clearly seen, to Paley pass, absolutely not just golf, but the key is the placement. Now the Super League, the center want easy header is difficult, the game will be at least one Pelle marking, his jump header will interfere, so it would be difficult to score directly from. In this case, how to play the comprehensive Pelle is the key. Pelle with a strong sense of, this is where the advantages of European center. In the shot, Paley technology is also more comprehensive, averaging 3.9 shots in the first team, fourth, the field emission is 1.4 times is a good performance, ranking seventh in the super league. To some extent, our offensive capability has not been completely excited, this half of the season, he only played out.相关的主题文章: