Conducting The Sales Personality

Careers-Employment Good salesmen and saleswomen dont grow on trees. Or do they? How to hire salespeople with star quality depends greatly on the personalities that good salesmen were born with. It also depends greatly on your sales hire approach. The sales personality test is arguably one of the better sales hiring approaches practiced today. Sales managers with large teams use various tools to conduct the sales personality test, as well as log the details gleaned. How to hire salespeople with the right insights and instincts requires an approach different than the one the applicant might expect. Types of Sales Personality Test Questions Third party sales testing companies have developed various types of sales personality test questions for employers to use. They vary in style in order to get the applicant engaged in cognitive thinking instead of just providing prepared answers to typical interview questions. Self-assessment Questions These sales personality questions can test an applicant for qualities like mental speed. Quick reflex questions are timed. Job candidates will need to read the initial instructions carefully to know how to complete the test correctly, as well. Interactive Questions How to hire sales people with integrity often depends on questions like these. Applicants might be asked to rate their answer from completely false to completely true (or somewhere in-between) when asked questions like Even if it meant telling a lie, I would do whatever it takes to get the sale. Some questions are more leading or less obvious than others. Questions Involving a Specific Scenario This type of sales personality questioning will often include photographs or illustrations. For example, a job applicant might be asked to look at the facial expressions of each person in the photograph and determine what they might be thinking or feeling. Then they might be asked to determine the best response to each person in the photograph if this was a sales situation. Sales managers get a sense of the applicants ability to read body language and non-verbal cues that could make or break a sale. A great tool for storing sales personality test information is recruitment management software. The kind of organization and speedy analysis recruitment management software provides can make the job of hiring the best sales candidates much easier. The sales personality test is meant to go deeper than just an applicants resume and interview responses. Its a test that relies on a salespersons personality and values; two very important elements that make a top performer your ticket to better sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: