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Conti warned the front PA: must improve the brand style [star] less fierce fighter Diego Costa on the field goal of the Costa aggressive style of play, but requires the convergence of his temper Tencent sports news in September 11th (data) before joining Chelsea, Ma Jing played for Diego Costa to play hard, small action is known, and arriving in the Premier League, Mourinho liked this style of encouragement, Diego Costa’s style of play is becoming more fierce, various small movements the "Street Fighter" and he bit the premier guards suffered, of course, they also gain a lot of red cards and tickets. However, after his predecessor Mourinho, Chelsea boss Conti Costa did not enjoy this style of play, he warned his disciples, to improve the style, reduce the number of cards to eat. According to British media "Daily Post" news, Chelsea coach Conti warned his striker Diego Costa: stay calm, listen to the guidance of Conti. Before the season, Mourinho is encouraged by Diego Costa to the defender and entangled, and are willing to spend 32 million pounds in 2014 Mourinho to Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid to the Premier League, also is the value of his aggressive style of play, but Conti does not enjoy this style, he hopes that Diego Costa can control their own the action, or at least in a display of aggression at the same time, it is much more calm. Last season, the 27 year old Diego – Costa got 11 yellow cards in the 44 game, and because the suspended with Everton in the FA cup. In the previous season, Diego – Costa in the 39 game to eat the 11 cards, although this season only for the 4 round of the game, the Spanish striker has been eating a yellow card for the 2. And he is such a licensing probability is the most worried about Conti. "Diego Costa is a very aggressive player, it is because of this reason, sometimes, it is easy for him to eat a yellow card, but I hope he can make some improvements in this aspect, I hope he will be able to play in all the games, but not often encounter suspended." Conti bluntly pointed out the problem of Costa. "But Costa knows that, he’s very passionate, he’s passionate and aggressive, but he has to put his emotions on the pitch in the right way. I always think that Diego is a good man, he is a very important player for my team, I told him: the right way to show your passion and blood, this is what I want." "Diego Costa must realize that he is playing football in the football field, he fought for Chelsea, fighting for the Spanish national team, focusing on the field, rather than others, for him is very important. These other things are not good for him, of course, for me, for Chelsea, for our fans, or for the Spanish national team, will not bring any benefits. Under normal circumstances, as a striker, as long as you can score is the most outstanding performance, if you have a strong sense of presence on the ground, but failed to get a goal, people will say相关的主题文章: