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Cool winds throughout the country to cool this winter will be frozen cry? Beijing, Beijing, September (Xinhua Lv Chunrong) (27), the beginning of the beginning of the year, there is a strong wind cooling weather in Beijing, 27. With the cold air southward, the next few days, in the eastern Chinese temperature will be lower, it also allows "freeze crying" this hot topic again refresh network this winter. So, this winter will freeze cry? Beijing is expected to wind down: 7 gust minimum temperature of 12 degrees this morning, Beijing blowing wind, feel chilly. China Weather Network reported that affected by cold air, 4 am, 5 o’clock this morning, Beijing began to be taken over the North wind. Meteorological monitoring shows that at 5:30 this morning, the Haidian station, Chedaogou, Xiangshan, Bei’an River, Phoenix Valley, Yongfeng middle school, min Zhuangjun has gusts above 6. Beijing city meteorological station today released 6 weather forecast: cloudy to sunny day today, north wind around five, gusts seven or so, the maximum temperature of 23 DEG C; sunny night, north wind around four to two or three, the minimum temperature of 12 degrees. Gale blue warning, travel attention to wind and prevent falling objects. 17 a day earlier, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a blue gale warning signal, is expected to 27, 4 pm to 20 pm, from north to South Beijing will have 4, 5 northerly winds, gusts of up to 7. Source: Central Meteorological Station official website of the cold air to the south in autumn second paper tiger in Beijing, this morning, most of the Inner Mongolia region is a significant cooling, the cooling area of more than 10 DEG C, the temperature dropped to 5 degrees below. The Central Meteorological Observatory issued this morning news, September 27th is expected to 29, affected by cold air, in the eastern region from north to South China temperature will be decreased by 4 ~ 6 DEG C, the South East of Inner Mongolia in the South and northeast cooling rate of up to 8 to 10 DEG C. Inner Mongolia in the East, northeast, South, eastern North China, Huang Huai and other places in the eastern part of the 5 ~ 6 winds. In the cold air under the influence of Southeast Inner Mongolia and northeast area the highest temperatures generally fell to 15 degrees Celsius, in some areas only 10 DEG C; the minimum temperature of 28 days in eastern Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang will fall to 0 DEG C; the highest temperature in North China generally fell 20 degrees early, autumn is getting stronger. With the cold air southward and typhoon "catfish" landing, the Yangtze River and Southern China area on the 28 day the temperature will decline rapidly, in southern Guangdong area and the highest temperature will drop to 30 degrees Celsius, hot weather will quickly fade, hot autumn second paper tiger. Source: China Weather Network will freeze this winter crying? The winds cool weather, some netizens said, "a cold autumn rain, in fact now cooling are nothing, this winter, we are likely to freeze a dog." The reason for such concerns, because of the recent refresh one word — "La nina". "La Nina" (LaNina) a word from Spanish, meaning "little girl", refers to the central and eastern equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature)相关的主题文章: