Crazy bike sharing price war is very tragic we can not make money

              in the vicinity of the Canton Tower subway station, parked a lot of companies sharing bicycles. Sharing the emergence of bicycles, for the convenience of the public travel.  

almost every new entrance of the shared bicycle brand, will choose to put the bike into the CBD area. In addition to the large flow of people, many potential users of factors, CBD is still a place without funding threshold.

in foreign countries, a lot of sharing bicycle charges is half an hour 5 U.S. dollars, so many foreign companies to ride a bike ride by sharing fees can easily profit. However, the price of domestic bicycle sharing is half an hour 5 gross or $1, this price is almost the same with the bus.

no technical content to throw the car on the road, there is no threshold. The number of vehicles is the basis for valuation of view will soon be falsified."

at half past nine on January 13, 2017, Beijing, China World Trade Center District, a lot of commuters out of the subway, a bicycle ride directly to the district office or hotel.

close to the China World Trade Center city wall, parked in a colorful shared bicycle. A security guard was busy carrying them to the side of the road a few meters away. He said that this is the work of the leadership of the special account.

‘s mission also includes keeping an eye on several important entrances to the mall to prevent anyone from riding on a shared bicycle.

with the sharing of bicycle company competition intensifies, more and more sharing bikes are put into the city’s crowded subway, the major shopping district, office buildings, bus stations and large residential neighborhood.

sometimes, the bike will be collected waste thrown on the tricycle, into the waste station. There are users directly ride home, the smart lock off, as a private bike. Even these cars will appear in the Beijing canal and the Huangpu River in Shanghai.

in the North four ring bridge Viaduct under the green belt, lying a shared bicycle. This is a ban on pedestrian access to the green belt. Half a month later, the car remained in its original position and continued to lie there.

shared bicycle boom behind, is the bike’s metamorphosis". In the past only a single bicycle transport property in recent years gradually new fashion, lifestyle, health, sports and other commuter attributes. The bike from one year only tens of millions of small capacity of the market, has become the eyes of a phenomenal capital payment and traffic entrance.

shared bike payment frequency with taxi and takeaway almost;