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Critical thinking literacy training: label this intolerable! Sohu – education aspect emphasized in the training of critical thinking in expressing their views to come up with sufficient evidence, in the analysis of the views of others but also to be good at mining hidden assumptions behind the punctured logical loopholes. In daily life, "tag" this thing is particularly typical. Behind it is our inherent prejudice and stereotypes. This article will lead us to use the critical thinking to better look at the label, change their thinking limitations and bad habits. The | editor Ye Mingxin | horse with thunder first section personals: Xiaohui 29 years old this year, forced the pressure from family and friends more and more, she also wants to have a happy and stable family. Because the circle of friends is not large, she began dating site dating. After careful consideration, I set the following criteria: 1 do not consider the people of Henan and the Northeast 2 towns grew up, not considering the rural people need 3 undergraduate graduated from 211 universities, plus "985" 4 must be older than their 5 regardless of Sagittarius, because Sagittarius is Playboy saw this marriage enlightenment in the label? Regional labels, urban and rural labels, educational labels, age tags, as well as constellation labels! The idea behind this may include a series of arguments. Henan more than a liar; the Northeast People’s Congress; rural people more than phoenix male; on the elite who are better; young men will not take care of people; these statements correct? For example, Henan liar, statistics? Or the media to mislead you? Are they all male chauvinism? Judgment is based on the understanding of several northeast people? Behind the label is often hidden the attribution of errors: for example, think that the best quality is mainly determined by the experience of shaping the constellation constellation character…… Limited energy, limited cognitive resources. Labeling is one of the most basic inductive deduction. Based on the fact that there is a certain universality, it establishes a connection between a certain group of people and a certain behavioral characteristic. Second step deduction. Because someone belongs to this group, Ta may also have such characteristics. This is an easy way to help us understand the world. Otherwise, a new things to learn from scratch, is understanding the waste of resources. When we are faced with a stranger or a strange, rapid classification label from the category characteristics of Ta are out of mind, a simple interpretation of each other’s interests can also guess the character seems to be pretty close. In many cases, people are happy to put some labels on their own and quickly to their own type, not only easy to find a sense of belonging, but also allow others to quickly understand themselves. So the label itself is not the object of our criticism. We have to be vigilant, there is not enough data and evidence to support the over generalization. The personal experience, the media rendering, social stereotypes, as a basis for summarizing the characteristics of a group. The wrong labels, stereotypes, make us produce prejudice and discrimination?相关的主题文章: