Cultural relics shop female boss by WeChat to buy ivory products sold were reported-ca1810

Cultural relics shop female boss by WeChat to buy ivory products sold by reports (correspondent Cai Yongming Xu Baohua) because of a momentary greed, cultural relics store woman Zhang Mei, the illegal acquisition of wild ivory, violate the law, in November 2, 2016, the Public Security Bureau authorities on suspicion of illegal acquisition, sale of state protection of rare and endangered wild animal products will be transferred to the crime of Sister Zhang Fujian province Zhangzhou City Xiangcheng District procuratorate for examination and prosecution. At the beginning of 2016, Zhang sister in Xiangcheng District of Zhangzhou city cultural city operates a cultural relic store, Zhang sister through their mobile phone in the WeChat platform, the dissemination of information to acquire ivory. That Zhangzhou "Wenwan Sambo agents" have two pieces of ivory bracelet for sale, and the other end to negotiate, 1850 yuan of the purchase price of these two pieces of ivory bracelet. After that, Zhang Mei will be one of the 28.3 grams of heavy leather bracelet on their own operating in the cabinet of cultural relics store to sell, another heavy weight of 7.2 grams to their sister wear. In July 2016, the Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng Forest Bureau received a report, then went to the scene investigation, found that the report does, then two pieces of ivory Bracelet seized. After identification, the bracelet for the national level of wild animals, such as African elephants and Asian elephant ivory. The investigation, Zhang sister operated by non heritage shop approved by the government of wild animal administrative department or its authorized units. Now Zhang sister was released on bail. According to China’s "criminal law" provisions of article 341st, the illegal acquisition of endangered animal products, five years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention, and shall also be fined. In August 28, 2004, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) amended the law on the protection of wild animals, which classified the wildlife protected by the state into primary and two levels of protection. According to the State Council approved the approval of the State Council in December 1988 and the Ministry of forestry and the Ministry of agriculture jointly issued the "national key protected wild animals," the record, a total of 258 kinds of national key protected wild animals. Level 96 (including African elephants and Asian elephants) level 162, the two. The acquisition includes the sale of the sale of goods for profit, for personal use, including the sale and use of profit oriented processing. Because scientific research needs the sale and purchase of, the use of national protected wild animal or its products, must be approved by the State Council administrative department or wild animal approved its authorized units; where the sale, purchase and utilization of two national protected wild animal or its products, must be approved by the provincial and municipal government departments in charge of administration of wild animal the autonomous region, or its authorized units. China has joined the "wild animal" Convention on international trade in endangered species, non Chinese wild animal species such as African elephants are protected. Prosecutors reminded the majority of cultural relics collectors, in the purchase of wildlife products should comply with the relevant laws and regulations.相关的主题文章: