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Motorcycles Every biker knows that you are not a true biker unless you have a bike that you can be proud of, a motorcycle that shows your individuality, a motorcycle that you took part in building. However, how do you get such a motorcycle and what do you really have to do? Can you make the bike yourself and what features does a motorcycle that says, Look at me? have. While there are many different features to every bike, motorcycle wheels and handle bars such as ape hangers are two very important features that every bike must have. What features should you look for when choosing the right motorcycle wheels for your bike? Your motorcycle wheels say a lot about who you are and if you are thinking about designing your bike as an expression of yourself, you will need to spend some time searching for the right wheel designs and luckily for you, Harley wheels .e with options that you will be really pleased with. However, how do you go about choosing the right wheels for your ride? Before deciding on the motorcycle wheels that you want, decide on whether you want a classical look or if you are looking for something a little bit more modern. If you are looking to add a little bit of class to your motorcycle, you need to look at getting some wheels that are spoke wire because nothing says classical like the Harley Davidson spoke wheels. While spoke wheels are a favorite to most, custom motorcycle wheels are available in different sizes and of course style. The type you choose will be based on your personal preference and style and of course the message you want to send to the world. Now, let us focus a little on motorcycle handlebars and why the ape hangers are highly re.mended Next to the wheels, your motorcycle handlebars are crucial to your bikes performance and of course its look. The handlebar of your motorcycle is what controls how your bike steers. The bikes handlebar holds features of your bike such as the throttle, the light switch, the brakes, and of course, the horn. While motorcycle handlebars hold some important features of your bike, it does not mean that this area of your bike cannot be tricked out and designed to reflect your personal style. There are different types of handlebars such as the Z-bar and the ape hangers. Ape hangers differ from most other motorcycle handlebars because they rise above the seat of the bike and they can go as high as 20 inches. Ape hangers are for those tough biker men and women; therefore, if you do not believe that you are tough enough, this particular handlebar is not for you. Motorcycle handlebars and wheels are great ways to personalize your bikes; therefore, if you wish to stand out from other riders and be an individual, customize your bikes with motorcycle wheels and motorcycle handlebars. Getting the bike of your dreams is not as hard as some people may think; however, getting a bike that expresses who you are takes a little work and some time. Custom built bikes are a little more expensive than store bought bikes; however, they are worth every penny and you will never regret spending your money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: