Cyndi Wang and Tong song yuanguluzhai youth cooperation Mengshi adorable fun (video)

Cyndi Wang and Tong Mengshi "Yuanjialuzhai" youth collaboration song "BBF" Adorable Cyndi Wang interest Tencent official MV music news youth idol drama fantasy "don’t be so proud" has been launched in September 19th, as one of the "TV drama version of" don’t be so proud highlights, by Cyndi Wang and the play the male angle Mengshi Tong theme song "sing together yuanguluzhai" after the launch in the first time in the network caused by the fans, the fans have a hot, full of pride and attitude after the search and capture hot topic list. This was invited to "don’t be so proud" sung the theme song, is also included in the album in 2011 following the "sticky" in the chorus of "2 singles to accompany me to the future" after the launch, after a lapse of five years, Cyndi Wang once again launched a new form of single choral music works, and the "popularity" Tong Mengshi cooperation make the majority of fans fans pleasantly surprised. With the previous disaster caused by flooding water pure love of youth campus idol drama version of "totally different, don’t be so proud for the first time in the" unique "two dimension" wind throughout the play, network sense, brain hole wide open, unique style. As the drama version theme song "yuanguluzhai" from the lyrics to the melody will be rendered on the distinctive "two dimension" activity by the well-known music style, mainland China and Taiwan, South Korea three people together to create Qiangqiang lyricist, Zhang Jianjun, Fang Wei to compose songs and served as producer, Jindong Bian Hyun song, airy melody, full of vitality the lyrics will play male and female body swap, produce a series of funny stories, the feelings of the two fate entanglement story reduced with the theme song of the form, so that all users in the drama fans chase drama the theme song "yuanguluzhai" of this super network drama has more sublimation understand. In Cyndi Wang’s unique identification of sweet and delicate "Ling style" and the Mengshi Tong solid vocals without losing the personal style of interpretation, not only will this song from outside to inside are all distributed with new single "proud youth hormone" flavor of the interpretation is most incisive network drama version, "don’t be so pride" into a strong youth "Adorable" proud wind. "Don’t be so proud" adaptation of the same name popular IP since 90 Hou Zhu popular female writer with the opera version, since the shooting, attracted users attention. In order to meet the fans’ expectations, Taiwan gold producer Chai Zhiping produced to ensure effect, inviting "popular idol song" Yunhua, "mainland popular niche" Tong Mengshi interpretation of the core role. The producer pays great attention to quality assurance and appropriate finishing the play style, invited Cyndi Wang to the theme song "Tong Mengshi chorus" yuanguluzhai, I believe it will undoubtedly become the play a large suction eye.相关的主题文章: