Dave ruling cuckoo said there is one thing, only the United States and Ma can be made

after missing the electricity supplier, the United States launched a new retail strategy, decided to catch a new wave of tuyere. Dave ruling cuckoo can lead the United States implemented transformation?

"I never thought of myself as the helmsman or head."

in Beijing Eagle building, 18 floor of a conference room, in the face of "China entrepreneur" reporter, Rhododendron categorically denied the outside world for her group in the United States the role played by imagination, although not so long ago (December 19th), she was hostess to organize a celebration of the 30 anniversary of the grand United States the celebration, and announced a new strategy for the home appliance retail giant to the aspiring China.

the 30 anniversary of the cuckoo is the last few years, a few high-profile public appearances in the past 6 years. The back of her full release, no improvisation, from time to time at the teleprompter eyes, slightly trembling voice. Obviously, the stage is not the central cuckoo was hundreds of pairs of eyes watching the comfort, however, she must overcome the tension, facing the light from standing there, not only because she is with her husband Wong Kwong Yu in jail, Gome this burden can fall in her shoulder; because that in itself is a part of the transformation in these times, if not off the reel unscripted speech for more than three hours, you can not say he is an Internet entrepreneur.

"I don’t want to be an entrepreneur, don’t say I want to be an entrepreneur, don’t set me up as an entrepreneur," she said. You have to pay 200%, even beyond your reach."

she has short hair, simple dress, from the beginning of 2012 "China entrepreneurs" for an interview with her now, she kept the hair, because hair good care of her time to be wasted in the small salon.


family has become successful, "this is the cuckoo’s ideal, in an interview in early 2012 (for details, click here to read our 2012 eighth cover story" cuckoo ", she would save the United States) expressed this point. She is still the same, but the reality is that she has to focus on career, the family is difficult to balance. For the children to do the cooking, with their ordinary family skiing, with extreme ease of happiness, in the hope she became difficult to complete.

to achieve their ideals, cuckoo at least have to wait three or four years – even taking into account the commutation factor, Wong Kwong Yu also get around 2020 to get out of jail.

is still in control of the country in Wong Kwong Yu. "The general direction is determined by the total Huang," cuckoo to his position as a husband before the prison, I was assisted in his direction and strategic landing execution."

Wong Kwong Yu is still our boss, former United States employee Zhao Fan (a pseudonym) said, he is still very strong control of the actual."

is said to Wong Kwong Yu through SMS, telephone and other means of contact with the outside world;