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Dead mouse bite aunt adult rat IQ is equivalent to 8 years old children in the home overrun at the age of 50, Lei aunt bought drugs at home. On the second day, she found a dead mouse, and then directly with his hand to get, the result was bitten by the rat, hospitalized. The doctor warned, is poisoning bitten by rats, may cause brain rodenticide poisoning, internal bleeding, may cause neurological symptoms or even paralysis, serious death in a few minutes. In addition, mice may carry pathogens, leading to infectious diseases. In November 9th, Changsha central hospital bed, looking at the scar left index finger, 50 year old aunt looked very calm and thunder. 20 days ago, she saw the mouse "littered" in their buckets, want to directly handle "dead mouse" away, who knows just touched the rat tail, the mouse was "death and resurrection", also bite her finger, let her in the hospital. Lei aunt’s daughter, Ms. Zeng told reporters that the mother is Zhuzhou Chaling, because the recent home rat infestation, in October 20th, the mother will buy rat medicine placed in the corner of the kitchen, dining room. The second day early in the morning, aunt Lei saw a mouse lying dead in their own bucket. She stretched out her hand to take the mouse away, but she thought that she had just touched the mouse’s tail. At that time only bite the skin, even the blood no, she did not pay much attention to. "Unexpectedly, half a month after the original scab wounds began to ooze blood, and a stop." Ms. Zeng said that her mother also appeared bleeding gums, stool bleeding, hematuria, etc.. In this case, ray aunt and children are anxious, accompanied by their children, she came to the Department of Hematology in Changsha Central Hospital, after examination found that their blood clotting function was significantly abnormal, considering the rat bite. The hospital followed by Aunt ray hemostasis, blood transfusions, vitamin K1 and other treatment, the situation has improved significantly. "How can I get it with my hands?." In Ms. about the fate of her mother when the next bed nurse chimed in, "we are no mice dead, trampled again, and then take it away pieces." Changsha Central Hospital Department of Hematology physician Shen Rui said, Lei aunt in the Department of Hematology after treatment, now bleeding multiple body are significantly improved, but some poison in vivo residue for several years, she suggested after discharge, blood coagulation testing on a regular basis, insist on taking vitamin K4 and other drugs under the guidance of a doctor. He said that home overrun, if put rat poison, packaging can not litter, rodent specialized regions of the best set; don’t direct contact by hand, don’t put rat poison place close to water, especially drinking water. Poison bait should be distinguished, and the surrounding environment to avoid eating food; correctly handle the dead mouse, do not directly touch the dead rat, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidental injury, because everyone has different physical, may contact a poison, causes serious toxic reaction. In addition, the dead rat must be collected deep buried, fall in the water, but also to get up to deal with, to prevent cats and dogs and other animal poisoning. The mouse bites, to the hospital as soon as possible, do not delay, because not only possible rodenticide poisoning mice may also carry pathogens, and cause infectious disease.相关的主题文章: