Fashion-Style Less than a year old, the new interactive website .design-girls.. is a young fashion designers dream .e true. The bright pink homepage, fun music, and design-girl, draws users in. But, its the customizable girls clothing and accessories that brings them back. Customers create their own outfits step by step as they select a style, color and fun trim for outfits in sizes 6-14. They can view their creations on screen, or email them to friends. Best of all, they can purchase what they have created. Currently, the website offers colorful and stylish tops, pants and skirts as well as heavy- duty reversible canvas tote bags in coordinating prints. Gift certificates are also available for purchase and make a great gift. This idea of customizable girls clothing even caught the attention of Sabrina Bryan, formerly of the Cheetah Girls, and Dancing with The Stars fame. Bryan looked to design-girls.. to help launch her latest exercise dance DVD, BYOU2. A contest was promoted on design-girls.. as well as on Bryans website(s). The winner of the contest was treated to a t-shirt, BYOU2 DVD and workout calendar. The website was created in 2008 by Tanya Murphy of Daniel Island, South Carolina. Murphy was watching her then- six year old daughter play online dress up games with virtual dolls. Her daughter also loves clothes and was changing clothes several times a day and swapping outfits with friends. Murphy went online to see if there was a website where her daughter could harness her creative energy and design an outfit for herself, for purchase, but there was nothing to be found. Thats when the idea for design-girls.. was born. Murphy hopes to add many more products to the websites lineup. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: