Did you shoot Wireless router settings so there are security risks

Did you shoot? Wireless router settings so there are security risks

recently, for home wireless router network attacks, often occupy the headlines security news. Broadband Genie recently commissioned security agencies to carry out a wireless router security investigation, found that more than half of the British users of the router default router account settings, there is a risk of being hacked.

at the same time, there are 54% of users worried about being hacked . In a survey of nearly 2000 home users found that there are 53% of users at home on the router to maintain the default settings .

with the popularity of mobile devices, the rapid development of home networking devices, wireless router is not only the home network center, or the family of intelligent control center. once attacked by the network, not only the user’s personal information and property will be, but also to make their own lives by hackers. In addition to the presence of the manufacturer’s firmware is not patched vulnerabilities, many users in the configuration of the wireless router, did not take into account security issues, there is no basic network security awareness.


survey shows that only 19% of the users to access the router’s system management function, 22% of users check what are devices connected to their network, 17% of users to change the administrator password, 14% users update the router firmware. The results of the survey is simply sensational, home wireless router is very fragile, if the user cannot manually set the router has been the weakness of will. Whether operators or equipment manufacturers, users have ignored the importance of router security.

think about the above, is not the same happened to himself? Here we recommend that users update the latest firmware released by the vendor, and modify the default admin password.

home WiFi password and administrator password, it is best to set the number + letters + symbols in the form of this form is the most difficult to crack. do not use the same or logical figures, the most vulnerable to attack. At the same time, but also in the background of the router off the remote management port, to avoid the router is controlled to become a member of the botnet.