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Performance is not up to expectations Disney closed the Avengers series game recently, Disney announced the closure of the Avengers and Avengers 2 game. In fact, for the release of nearly five years of well-known games, in fact, is not a small blow. The first Disney Avengers caused no small repercussions in the Facebook game era; second is in the March issue of the homologous mobile version of the game, Disney hopes to "Avengers 2" game can continue a fantastic first game. However, the mobile gaming industry is not an easy nut to crack, although the market size of up to $36 billion, when you see even Disney is difficult to succeed, you know how difficult it is. A Disney spokesman said: the Avengers game has been released for more than four years, is one of the most successful Disney released the game, we hope to continue the work of the second. However, the Avengers 2 performance did not meet our expectations, so decided to close this series of games, and focus on the development of new game experience. In May of this year, Disney Interactive also closed another game, Disney unlimited, and this time, the game is not as good as expected to find the performance of the game, so there is no desire to continue to operate the Disney. It is reported that "the Avengers 2" by Disney company to develop a mobile game development team, although Disney is not fired the development team, but revealed that they will be more inclined to cooperate with the external game development team, the use of more game brand licensing way to manufacture and distribute the game. From another point of view, Disney this time to close the Avengers series games, but also that they are in the internal game production is experiencing a difficult period". Of course, the company still has a lot of successful games, such as by the United States "power development and art of Star Wars: the Milky Way hero" and "mobile game star wars battlefront" game, and they developed the Disney Emoji expression diminshing see game "Disney Emoji Blitz" and "Star Wars: Commander". Avengers alliance series game service will continue until the end of September, after the official assembly line.相关的主题文章: