Do little darling! After dinner, do not take a hundred steps

alcoholic liver disease is affected by genetic factors, gender, alcohol consumption, alcohol consumption, the degree of alcohol, nutrition and so on. Some people say, "I can do excellent", not the alcoholic liver. This is a wrong idea. Adult male daily intake of more than 40 grams of pure alcohol, female adult daily intake of pure ethanol amount not less than 20 grams, continuous drinking history more than 5 years, or 2 weeks with heavy drinking, equivalent to the amount of ethanol is more than 80g/d, can cause alcoholic hepatitis". The average daily intake of ethanol is more than 80g, more than 10 consecutive years for the development of "alcoholic cirrhosis". Not drunk does not mean not to hurt the liver. Then, how to calculate the content of pure ethanol in alcohol: pure ethanol amount = (ML) × the degree of alcohol (%) × the ratio of alcohol to water density (0.8).

moderate amount of alcohol is good for the body, such as a daily bedtime drink wine can not only promote sleep, but also can promote blood circulation, anti-oxidation, etc.. The key is to master a "degree"". The so-called "wine every friend a thousand cups, drink a cup of liver is not good". 2007 "China dietary guidelines" that prohibited alcohol, such as drinking and drinking alcohol as much as possible, in order to control below the limit, the amount of alcohol that adult male day drinking wine is not more than 25g, the amount of alcohol in adult women day drinking wine is not more than 15g.

most alcoholic liver disease has no symptoms, which makes people often ignore. But no symptoms do not mean that there is no liver damage, but our liver compensatory function is very strong and did not show. Few people showed loss of appetite, tired of the oil, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, liver pain, jaundice, dark complexion, with the aggravation, there will be hepatosplenomegaly, liver palms, spider nevus, ascites. Some patients will appear neuropsychiatric symptoms.

so, frequent drinkers in daily life, to be vigilant, check liver function, liver biopsy is necessary to check whether suffering from alcoholic liver disease. Abnormal liver function is definitely a liver injury, but no symptoms, liver function does not mean that there is no normal liver damage.

is the most important treatment for patients with alcoholic liver disease. In addition, long-term drinking most people have malnutrition, the diet should be treated with high protein, low fat, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid food. Such as milk, beans, lean meat, fish, eggs, not only rich in quality protein also contains B vitamins, Cereals, oats, corn and other cereals, animal liver, letinous edodes, nuts, yeast, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and celery are rich in vitamin B; fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Vitamin K is the most green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, beet, cabbage, lettuce, green beans, coriander, lotus etc.. And green peas and carrots;