Do you know any of these mistakes

cough is a reflex action is very common, almost everyone has the experience of cough, cough but also divided the different causes, treatment in different ways, many people have misconceptions about cough, some wrong judgments will lead to more serious consequences.

misunderstanding: cough is a disease

some people know cough is the defense response of the human body, but the survey found that 41.1% of people will still cough as a disease; only 40.8% people know the cause of cough with phlegm in sputum. Experts to clarify, cough can be divided into dry and wet cough. Dry cough mostly due to sudden smell of strong odor, or inhalation caused cough, cough with phlegm is wet cough. Cough can help clear the respiratory tract of a variety of "dirty", reflecting the body’s defense capabilities, so it is a good thing.

error two: cough can carry

this is another extreme, in recent years, the haze and other air pollution, allergens and other factors make more cough and other respiratory diseases are a lot of people think that It is quite common for the symptoms of cough do not need medication, carry a carry over, so neither doctor nor medicine, finally lead to cough, even secondary bacterial infection of more complex diseases, the best way is to consult a doctor promptly checked the disease development.

error three: abuse of antibiotics

80.2% of people will choose antibiotics when coughing, 72.5% of people think that cough is inflammation, need anti-inflammatory drugs. Experts correct, in fact, a lot of acute cough is often caused by viral infection, not only did not blindly take antibiotics, anti bacteria will cause resistance.

error four: eat cough medicine

64.1% people know to cough and phlegm, but only 5.1% of the people know the difference between antitussive, expectorant drugs in the treatment mechanism. The expert explained, such as taking strong antitussive cough, sputum may lead to timely discharge, retention, pneumonia and other respiratory tract infection leads to more severe disease. Therefore, the patient should be treated with expectorant mucolytic composition, sputum viscosity, easy to produce, effectively help cure disease.

error five: the traditional Chinese medicine prescription

child coughs, parents are very anxious, the doctor is very anxious, the result’s prescription, twenty or thirty herbs prescription, each herb is used in adults, hoping to get well! In fact, traditional Chinese medicine can not be abused. In the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine concept, pay particular attention to vary from person to person. Chinese medicine will be divided into cold cough cough and hot cough, medication is also warm, cool, cold, hot points. Such as;