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"Donkey" fun twist water exposure character poster dark transparent Tencent entertainment happy twist produced has been a quality assurance and laughter, following the "Sherlock" after the troubles, happy twist pushed "donkey" water quality masterpiece. The film had already released the first Promo posters and profiles for October 20th, the first wave of exposure caused widespread concern and strong interest in the industry and fans, today (27 days) the film side again exposed a group of people related posters, the role relationship out one by one, posters, accurate reproduction of the story actor essence, the relationship between the characters of suspense and entanglements difficult to break, "can’t be described". The film adaptation of the original drama, and drama is a considerable influence of sharp "hide a dagger behind a smile". Happy twist choose this drama as the big screen second, "new comedy" intention to do comedy purposes and the pursuit of the reputation of the audience did not change, use the "water" donkey drama cast, also revealed the solitary Yi the pursuit of quality, pay attention to the word. Happy twist pushing new comedy "and" zero difference Pinghua drama adapted drama "donkey strong look water known as the" word of mouth "by God" zero bad, the movie is the original drama director Zhou Shen Liu Lu, director, actor team is composed of the original drama group into a team. Pilot posters and trailers after exposure, the audience’s expectations. Wavewave: "five years," water "drama donkey saw eight times, Ninth times, must look at the movies! Not just funny, black humor, absurd irony, read on to know!" "At last I hope! Rush about telling the news around spreading!" The movie will stall the news once boarded micro-blog hot topic list, in addition to "water" donkey as a surprise fans favorite drama finally appeared on the screen, it caused a happy twist for iron happy twist second film "expectations and lively discussion. The movie "donkey" water play comedy slogan "a joke, you can cry", seems to reveal the film in addition to laugh as sharp connotation. Happy twist CEO Liu Hongtao said: "happy twist is a comedy company, launched the quality of comedy is we now and in the future, adhere to the direction of. Last year was a hilarious comedy "Sherlock worry", this is the "black humor" water donkey. There are different types of comedy in the two films, but the quality of the comedy and the pursuit of the audience’s reputation are the same." "The tabloid POSTER" dark transparent relations "can not be described" actor LaoLa deductive hard today to "donkey entanglements poster released water" relationship between the characters, the role relationship and revealed out one by one, one part of the key plot. The film follows the most original drama actor, solid performance skill, Suxi Bukexiaoqu, Ren, Liu Shuailiang, Pei Kuishan, to Han Yanbo, Bu Guanjin, such as the Wang Kun, the wonderful reproduction of the movie starring in graffiti. Asked why the film did not use Shen Teng and Ma Li known as the happy twist actor, happy twist CEO Liu Hongtao responded: "this team is the creator of this drama, their most profound understanding of this work, each of the characters, each a burden, every detail has been thoroughly tempered, on the stage we believe, this drama creation miracle team will bring you a good movie, out of the ordinary." The release of the film side.相关的主题文章: