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A Guide To Stop Falling Asleep While Driving Posted By: businesssolution93 Dangers while driving: When you are driving over the road, you are entitled to a lot of dangers. These include using your phone while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs and the least and most dangerous of all, the habit of falling asleep while driving. The last one may happen to any person who is driving under some stress or tiredness. Driving under influence and using your phone while driving are pretty known issues and are taken care of by the authorities by legislating some preventive laws and other regulations. Falling asleep while driving may happen to any driver and is the most dangerous as the driver has no idea what he is getting into. Using your phone while you are driving is a newer fashion yet it is very notorious. Even then the percentage of accidents occurring as a result of this carelessness is very low. On the other hand, the percentage of people getting into car accidents as a result of driving under any kind of substance influence or falling asleep while driving tells are much scarier story.

Driver Sleep Alarm Driver Sleep Alarm System: Posted By: businesssolution93 Drowsiness caused during the driving is a serious problems faced by both the drivers and rest of the society. Due to drowsy driving, hundreds and thousands of crashes and accidents occur every year around the globe. For the purpose of combating this issue, various researches have been held to invent such detective systems when the driver sleeps. Mechanism: The drowsy driver detector mechanisms have been developed for the purpose of reducing the number of accidents that occur due to sleep driving the car. The mechanism also focuses on how to find the eyes; the algorithm is used for the purpose of making this mechanism successful. This system focuses on the binary image version and finds the edges of the face and then finds out the eyes through the narrowing of the image. The monochrome sensing factory is set in such a position that it focus on the eyes and face of the driver in order to detect the eye blinking moments. This system consists of two steps of monitoring, which enhances the ability to detect more accurately. The stage which involves the detection consists of sensor for measuring the eye blinking, which monitor the moments of eye blinks.

Driver Sleep Alarm Have You Experienced The Driver Fatigue? Posted By: businesssolution93

Driver Sleep Alarm Beat The Driver Fatigue- Ways To Stay Awake Posted By: Warning signs: There are some warning signs, which indicate the need to pull over and development of the driver fatigue. The symptoms start with difficulty in concentrating on the road, which leads to frequent blinking and closing of eyelids involuntarily. There might also be distracted thoughts, which will lead to missing the direction or the memory of the past few minutes of travel. The head might also feel very heavy and lead to lolling to the sides, which will lead to misalignment while driving. The symptoms could worsen to the extent of drifting from the lane that you are driving in and feeling highly restless. The warning signs need not result in actual sleep to become fatal and dangerous, even a little drowsiness could have higher impact. The reflexes are generally extremely weak while driving in the drowsy state which leads to these disasters. Preparing for the drive: While there are revolutionary devices like Stop Sleep, which can help in beating driver fatigue during the drive, it is better to address it by the simplest solution- Sleep. There are some very simple solutions to achieve the optimum sleep levels and prepare for a long drive.
Driver Sleep Alarm Technology For Safety- Sleep Alert Device Posted By: businesssolution93 Reasons for driver fatigue There are multiple factors which leads to driver fatigue and sleep during driving. The main factor revolves around the quality and the quantity of sleep. While the human body has adaptabilities, it is generally attuned to attaining 7/8 hours of undisturbed sleep to function at full capacity. Driving without such adequate sleep leads to driver fatigue and mental stability along with reflexes starts dropping. There are also many individuals who have sleeping disorders like insomnia, which might lead to sleep when subjected to intense physical and mental situations such as driving for long distances. Why sleep alert devices? The most dreaded fear of a long journey by road is the fear of an accident. While most people choose to travel by public transports, driving is an easier option when choosing to travel on short notice. Driver fatigue has been recorded to be responsible for at least 30% of the car crashes around the world and around 50% of the drivers have admitted to having experienced drowsiness or fallen asleep while driving. Most of these accidents are due to negligence in getting adequate rest before going behind the wheels.

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