Drug man knife his neck and police confrontation-winfast

Drug man his neck knife and police confrontation original title: drug male neck knife confrontation with the police China Yulin daily news (reporter Yang Huyuan) to combat drug addicts to evade the police, it is full of tricks to bend over backwards. Recently, the Hengshan County drug addicts Wang on the knife to perform his neck with the police confrontation scene. October 16th at 1 pm, Yulin City Public Security Bureau Yu Wang Shahekou branch of police based on the clues of drug addicts Wang Dunshou dispatched expansion. "We are ready to go forward, he suddenly pulled out a length of about 40 cm knife from the body frame, in his neck, said to close or catch him, died for us." Police handling the case said. Subsequently, Wang turned to run and run home after the door locked. The police at the gate to persuade Wang’s parents to open the door, in the police persuasion patience, Wang finally put down the knife. The urine test results were positive. The investigation, Wang Mou (male, 32 years old, Hengshan county) was due to abuse of heroin repeatedly by the public security organs. According to his account, the reason is to carry a knife to avoid the public security organs to deal with the blow. At present, Wang suspicion of drug use by the Public Security Bureau Wang Yu law two years of compulsory isolation treatment. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: