Drunk man found ulcerated legs drove up the hill was seized in Beijing – overturned herbs pigeon blood

Drunk man found ulcerated legs drove up the hill was seized over Beijing – herbs mixed drink several wine, found the ulcerated legs, then driving a motorcycle tsaio rollover, but on his way he was seized by the police. Zunyi City, Guizhou province by Bozhou District procuratorate prosecution, the court sentenced to the crime of dangerous driving and Kyrgyzstan should be sentenced to two months probation for three months, and fined 2000 yuan. Ao Ji should be childhood suffering from osteomyelitis, right leg calf has no bones, due to family economic conditions is not good, he is in the mountain mining herbs dressing treatment. In March 14th this year, 17 am, Ao Ji should do after the completion of home, drank some wine, including wine, liquor, beer. Then, he found his right leg fester, think of the mountain mining herbs dressing, then went to driving a motorcycle to collect herbs. But because the mountain bend, motorcycle rollover on the roadside, the masses see alarm. The police to the scene, found that Ao Ji should be heavy alcohol, then his blood was collected. After identification, Ao Ji should be blood alcohol content for 159.28mg 100ml. (Tang Xiaojun)相关的主题文章: