Eat pig blood Qingfei anti haze legend could rest

Chinese folk legend, "eat animal blood lungs and dust, and dust frequent contact occupation such as teachers, coal mine workers, cleaners and so should eat blood, be of great advantage". This argument is based on? Er……

Eat pig

really can Qingfei?

What magical blood

can play a role of "clearing" effect? Theoretically speaking, eating animal blood products is not Qingfei dust.

however the "brick house" really come up with a set of basis, explained: "the modern medical research found that the blood absorption ‘rubbish’ in vivo. Pig blood plasma protein by decomposition of the gastric acid and digestive enzymes, can produce a kind of detoxification and Hua Chang substances. This kind of material can produce the biochemical reaction with the dust and harmful metal particles that invade the human body, and become a kind of waste which is not easy to be absorbed by the human body…… Therefore, eat pig’s blood can increase nutrition, but also in the removal of hazardous waste, is an ideal health food."

let us from the anatomical point to think of the inhaled dust in the respiratory tract, blood is eating in the digestive tract, and respiratory tract and digestive tract is not communicated. From the view of space, the blood to Qingfei I am afraid it is impossible.

in fact, dust inhaled directly into the lungs, then most respiratory cilia excreted both dust and blood have no chance to meet.

As for the "pig blood plasma protein

" will produce a "detoxification and Hua Chang substances," what the hell is that, God only knows. What we do know is that the blood is indeed a protein rich food, when it enters the human body, we will be divided into gastrointestinal nutrition polypeptide, amino acid, absorbed by human body, science has not yet been found with human blood with some magical nutrients.

network similar whimsical said everywhere, I hope everyone to keep their eyes open, do not be misled, reliable science paper also look for " Shiting".

black stool, not discharged from the body poison?

there is a theory that is clearing the blood, after eating pig feces will turn black, which is discharged in the lung "trash", "poison" evidence.

indeed, after eating pig or chicken, duck blood, will lead to black, easily mistaken for the discharge of toxins in the body. It seems reasonable, so the rumors have become convincing.

however, the reason to eat pig blood stool black is not so difficult, just because the animal blood contains more iron, heme iron sulfide was decomposed into black bacteria in the gut. After this simple chemical reaction, we;