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Eddie Peng "the Mekong River action" hit "from the hard battle" – Sohu entertainment Eddie Peng: from "silly black sweet" ruthless role turned Sohu entertainment Eddie Peng’s latest film works "action" on the Mekong River release today, he plays a resident in Golden Triangle mysterious narcotics intelligence officer in the film. Recently, Eddie Peng and Lin Chaoxian, director Zhang Hanyu "tough teams", are nonstop roadshows in Kunming, Chongqing, Wuhan and other places, and many local police college teachers and students exchange viewing experience. At present, the film has been held in the multi point mapping field, a viewing audience after said he saw Eddie Peng in the film the other guy, feel Pumianerlai hormone overflow screen, which is Eddie Peng since the film "the most hard battle". Zhang Hanyu is also generous to the endorsement of Eddie Peng: "Eddie Peng in this age of actor, his pursuit for the movie a lot of people walking in front of." The film director Lin Chaoxian is also following the "hassle", "broken wind" after the climax of Eddie Peng’s trilogy of abuse. Play jidujing crazy suck powder male Eddie Peng and "the Mekong River action" are all creative visited many police college held meeting. School teachers and students after viewing experience with the audience is slightly different, the police said the male students are attracted to Eddie Peng’s anti drug intelligence officer: "the movie will think more carefully about their future as a kind of police." Not only the audience, multiple breakthrough Eddie Peng in the film is film actor Zhang Hanyu teacher praised: "Eddie Peng in this age of actor, his way is to take the most correct, his pursuit for the movie a lot of people walking in front of." The film has been used in many early held point mapping field, but there is a lot of time for the first time to watch the zero field audience, said Eddie Peng was in "a big surprise", "although there have been appeared to subvert the image in an earlier release of the" siege ", but this is not a complete idol burden." The more senior fans feeling Eddie Peng’s Role Transformation: "who can think of a dozen years ago, Taiwan idol drama" love "in the white paper flower, can be interpreted so many background experience complex of different roles today." Eddie Peng "the Mekong River action" hit "from the hard battle" blasting gun whets the really tough film is the third film directed by Lin Chaoxian Eddie Peng and Co. With the sun on a moving metrosexual man "broken wind" in the "silly black sweet" role is different, the forest guide created a jagged tough guy, Eddie Peng on the surface is a image of "Xi Li Ge", but for the anti drug operations team frontline intelligence, designed to fight drug traffickers access line information. Eddie Peng for this role "sacrifice" many, give up clean face, face sticky Hu show daily wig. He also does a lot of skills overweight, "Wu" to the Royal Thailand coach ahead of CQB (CQB) training, "Wen" for Thai, Burmese teachers at any time in oral English teaching. Eddie Peng said, the director to restore the site, making a lot of scenes, and there are a lot of blasting and gun parts, "this is my past experience, as well as helicopters, boats of shooting, these are the director in the film in mind." And said the film is also very strong相关的主题文章: