[Edit] weekly lottery Shuangseqiu a group of 115 broken zone 43 zibba

[Edit] weekly lottery Shuangseqiu: a group of 115 District 43 District, a broken prize number trend: in 2016 114, red three intervals were 208 award number, 260, 216. During the period, the area was broken 8 times, the area of the two district was broken for the 3 time, and the area of the three district was broken for the 8 time. It is worth noting that the area off the area from 16071, more than 43 period without broken zone, regardless of whether or not to continue to rebound, the recent sudden fault zone also requires the. 2016 long-term thermal potential of the two districts are still more than one area, the area of the 52 and the advantages of the top 44 in the first place (phase I and phase 16113 is a crazy out of the number of the award number 7), although the number of awards is the main trend of the future trend of decline in the future of the 16112. But from the indicators, at least the next is still expected to open 3 Award date. Two, the trend of the region: award No. 052016 total of the year 114, an area of winning the number of 208, broken area of the 8. Once entered the steady rebound period, since the 16098 stage so far has 16 open prize number 37, and only 2 is the 1 award number, although the rebound is still a maximum expected, but the shortage is likely to once again issued 1 award number or more than 43 period without the occurrence of fracture zone. Nearly 14 012 Road No. 3, the first 4 medals, 7 medals, next to fortification to be filled 0 Road, 1 road, No. 6 of the missing genetic parity 03 or fall of oblique triple13can 1 Road No. 07 is preferred. Three, the trend of the region: award number 16, 20, and so far, the 114 phase, the area of the opening of the award number of 260, not only far more than one area and the area of the three, until the 16109 phase of the occurrence of the 3 off the area, which is the largest deviation since the year of 2016, the state of the year, the first time in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year two. Since 16097, two award number fell sharply, by 13 to 16110 only won 15 gold, but 16111 off the area again after ZTE, nearly 4 have opened 12 award date, it is expected that the next phase will still be more than 2. Second, nearly 14 out of 012 award number 4, 4, 6, the next key fortification to be added 1 Road No. 13. Third out of nearly 34 out of the road award number of 8, 16, 10, to be made up of the road, Road No. 2 is the focus of security, promising 14, 15, 0. Fourth number of nearly 9 phase of the road award number of 1, 3, 4, pay attention to the heat out of the No. 2 Road award No. 20 or 23. The trend of the four, three: award number 27, 292016 years total 114, three award number 216 has opened area (area 9, 16087 off) last off the area after the start of the expected rebound in the next period, is expected to open 2 Award date. No. 9 near the end of the opening of the 012 Road award number of 3, 1, 5, the urgent need to supplement the road No. 1 is the focus of security, pay more attention to the 28, 31. Fifth out of nearly 23 out of the road award number of 12, 7, 4, to be made up of the No. 2 road is the focus of attention, concern, 23, 26. 16115th recommendation: 03, 07, 13 red, 14, 15, 23, 24, 28, 31 (Danma 13, 07, 11 (31) basketball newspaper group editor: Li Hengjiu)相关的主题文章: