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Automobiles The continuous yo yo like fluctuations we see at the pump have a lot of individuals searching for a means to and end. Most of us have better things to focus our attention on than what it’s going to cost us to fill up in the morning. There is one thing all of us can do and that is to find ways to increase gas mileage now. When we start to find ways to increase gas mileage, we notice quite a few things that we can do. The first thing we can do is to take our lead foot of the gas. The next thing we can take a look at is the air pressure in our tires and inflate them to the correct pressure. Another thing we look at is whether or not our brakes are tightened too much. This in turn will force the engine to sustain more stress than it usually would under normal circumstances. Finally, it would be a wise decision to keep your car service as re.mended by the factory or dealer. The for mentioned will enable us to keep a little extra cash in our pockets instead of throwing it away at the pump. As you may have guessed, there are a few who want even more ways to increase gas mileage. Well, those people are in luck because with the many advances in this field, there are those who are experiencing nearly 50% increases in fuel economy. Many have found a new invention that uses gas and water to be highly effective. Even though this technology is gaining notoriety, you would be surprised to find a large amount of people who have never heard of it. The basics are that a truck or car is transformed with what is known as a Hydrogen generator. Because of it’s size, this generator can be placed under the hood very easily and works by mixing gas and water to form HHO or Hydrogen Oxygen. What happens next is the ability of our cars to run more efficiently and even adds a little power under the hood. Another exciting aspect of this generator is that it is environmentally friendly. Due to the fact that your car is utilizing less gas, it’s negative effects on the environment are diminished. Another added bonus is that your engine will have a longer life due to the limited amount of carbon build up on your engine. Do me a favor, relax a moment and think of what you could buy if you were saving nearly 50 percent on your gas expenditures. Were you aware that most people are saving a few hundred dollars a year with this technology? As I am sure you can guess, a Hydrogen gas saver is be.ing very popular as one of the many ways to increase gas mileage and save at the pump. Remember this article next time you stop to fill up your car and are shocked at the total. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: