Electricity supplier to change the lives of African 20% Africans have online shopping experie


there is no trouble on the road traffic jams, there is no embarrassment of crowded shopping malls, only shopping anytime, anywhere fast and preferential prices!" Recently, this is the electricity supplier website advertising fire in egypt. One after another billboard, attracted a lot of local people’s eyeballs.

in the Egyptian capital Cairo, similar to the "Internet plus service" mode has been a part of social life: a few minutes to call a taxi, enthusiastic service, price transparency; in the vicinity of hundreds of restaurants to choose their single love, about half an hour away to the door…… With the popularity of smart phones, the increase in disposable income, online consumption is no longer wishful thinking. According to incomplete statistics, Africa now has 330 million Internet users, 1/5 of people have online shopping experience. Sub Saharan Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, the top three Internet users, accounting for the country’s total population of 51.1%, 69.6% and 49%. Electronic commerce is rising quietly in Africa, which provides an alternative way of living for hundreds of millions of people.

"Middle East Watch" website has commented, "for e-commerce, Africa is still to be reclaimed land, where a large population, resources are not fully utilized." At present, the corresponding population of each shopping mall in Africa is about 60 thousand people, the United States is the number of people in Southeast Asia (excluding China) is 7426 people in the country, the number of people in the United States is about 389. Lack of stores, transportation infrastructure is backward, there is no room for the release of the demand for shopping, more and more people choose to shop online. McKinsey, a research report, is expected in 2025, the network will cover 50% of the population in Africa, Africa online shopping is expected to reach retail share of 10%. The continent is taking off, there are a lot of surprises, the advantage of backwardness".

some multinational companies aimed at the gap in the market, early layout. This is Zhu Meiya and the earliest development, Nigeria is currently the largest local two business platform. The former is called "Africa’s Amazon, regional distribution activities cover even extremist organization Boko haram. The current Nigeria economy faces challenges, but people online shopping enthusiasm, business platform will build a "black Friday" (US Department stores the Christmas shopping season start date) to introduce the concept of a consumer boom driven by. In 2016, this "black five" orders over 140 thousand. Behind the numbers, is reflected in the increasingly diverse needs of consumers in Africa online.

on the whole, in the development of Africa business have paid great attention to enhance the user experience, but in reality there are still many constraints. For example, due to transportation, warehousing and other logistics infrastructure is not in place, it is difficult to ensure the timely delivery of goods; many people are accustomed to a hand, a hand delivery way of online payment security and lack of trust; because of the limited purchasing power, we seem to be more willing to buy on Christmas promotions; in addition, "sets up a" way of life in some places is still the mainstream, online shopping is not popular. Egyptian electricity supplier website ah tomato statistics;