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Eleven golden week in addition to the S6 finals and those events can be seen? In recent days, Lu Sir mood. Not only because you want to to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, it is because the annual important event began S6. Lu Sir Hi, Sir knife seems a bit lonely. TI6 Chinese team won the news seem distant, surely we have recently come to have some fun during the holiday! Today, Xiao Bian for everyone to take a look at the national day of the contest, not as happy Lele Lele, but also to those non LOL players can also have a wonderful game to enjoy! DOTA2:MDL international invitational tournament in time: September 28th -10 month 2 days after the TI6 MDL is the first major international tournament, and its attraction lies in the competition are the brightest tyrannical new lineup debut, while MDL has become the best opportunity for each team strength of a major reshuffle after the inspection. DPL time: October 7th DPL is a training ground for various occupation corps, characteristics of long, many events schedule can let you have to watch games every day! All right and new tactics, you can see in the DPL event. CS:GO:ESL ONE New York station time: September 30th -10 3 ESL ONE station in New York gathered all the rich and powerful teams of CS:GO, the impact of $250 thousand! It is worth mentioning that, in the team, there are many players like the gun, presumably to make the game more intense and exciting! Watch Pioneer: OW OPEN open time: September 25th -10 1 OW OPEN as a pioneer in the history of the highest prize in the history of the game, the intensity of its events naturally self-evident. This game is also rich together, powerful collisions, European OW people have Gexianshentong, certainly can let love watch Pioneer Water friends to see an enjoyable!   FEM· combat Combat: very extreme masters October 1st -10 2, as has been held for three sessions of FEM· extreme fighting extreme masters, each time around the country will be attracted to the martial arts master, its popularity since Needless to say, love and fighting game fans but also through the water learn some special events live occupation player moves, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. ESL ONE New York station time: October 2nd -10 month 3 days as the world’s most famous event, the official ESL ONE is fighting games, can be said to make the fighting game game player have a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of A. Not only that, the ESL ONE New York station fighting competition, whether from the venue or bonus point of view, are fighting the most competitive game in the history of the game. You fight fans must not miss this fight feast! This golden week, there are more than S6, a variety of exciting events, so that you see a cool holiday!相关的主题文章: