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Encounter mistakes in marriage, marriage can save it? Concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Master stars when an affair occurs, whether the marriage has saved may? A lot of people think that the other party, the marriage is over. Marriage counseling remind, sometimes, an affair is also a good time to repair marriage. Handle affairs may bring positive change to the future of marriage. The affair, marriage is often based on their own problems, saying the affair that flies do not hover eggs. If your marriage is too strong to break, is unlikely to take advantage of a weak point of the affair. An affair occurs, that marriage itself has some problems. Marriage is an affair, for many reasons. Such as feelings, marriage or long tedious, uncoordinated or sexual life of husband and wife and the lack of communication and exchange of necessary couples, marriage party feel neglected, or daily accumulation of resentment too much · · · · · & middot; for example, it is good to have a pair of the feelings of the couple, like many ordinary families, after the birth of a child, his wife to do a full-time wife at home, her husband’s career development is better. As in the past 10 years, her husband found that two people have been very difficult to find a common language, living together in the heart is very painful, but do not know how to deal with. The wife was unaware of her husband’s feelings until one day, she found her husband and a single female colleague came together. The husband felt very guilty about his wife, but he did not want to live up to her lover. Two, the affair is can prevent the marriage like tree, there will be one or two worms, this is normal. The key is to know how to eliminate pests and weeds in time to ensure the healthy and harmonious growth of the tree. We cannot let this society no temptation, can not always maintain the passion of love in marriage, but we can try our best to continue to operate their own marriage, let both husband and wife in marriage can feel the positive emotional experience, let the main need each other to meet the gain in marriage. This may be more conducive to both sides agree with their marriage, the first thing to consider the interests of the family, consciously resist temptation. In the above example, if the husband and wife two people have a personal mental mature, extramarital affairs can be prevented. For example, the husband found himself and his wife exchange feelings is not good, to lead his wife to grow, to help his wife to keep up with their pace; or the wife of the husband feel sharp, have the ability to let oneself become husband emotional rely on the third may not have the opportunity to present their lives. Three, how to save the marriage to save the marriage right marriage cannot satisfy all our sexual fantasies, that is to say it is very difficult for us to find all the things we want, in a specific body so the marriage has been missing can hardly be avoided. An event, do not make a moral judgment on the affair is not severe.)相关的主题文章: