Europa Larnaka intelligence round Spartak Moscow upset baxia

Europa: Larnaka intelligence round Spartak Moscow upset Thursday 004       Europa       Leigh Bbe Meret VSAEK Larnaka       2016-08-26 01:00             location: Indonesia Stadium – especially weather is expected: 25 degrees sunny Leigh Bbe Meret team status Leigh Bbe Meret is a veteran of the Czech League, often appear in the European competitions, the team last season after qualifying a way into the race, after the group phase in the final ranking with Brad and Marseille, missed the qualifying. The team in Czech and Slovakia players, but also from the array of foreign aid Brazil Da Silva and Nigeria striker Eike faction, it is worth mentioning that, once the Czech team striker Barash has just arrived from the Boleslav team, still play in the team. Status: AEK Larnaka AEK Larnaka team is a team from Cyprus league season, 14-15 team won the League runner up, after a lapse of four years in the European war again, but in the end in the third qualifying round lost to Bordeaux missed the Champions League match, the team last season ranked second in the league in Cyprus, after domestic overlord the athletics team, but the domestic league level is low, in Europe there is still a lack of their competitiveness. The first two rounds of the Europa League, the team has eliminated San Marino and the Northern Ireland team into the third qualifying round, the third round of them out of Russian club Spartak Moscow, broke the unexpected. History: the first round fights, Liberec team 1:0 win. Game Analysis: the game of Macao to the Lord let flat half low water dish, back to the home court Leigh Bbe Meret was a little optimistic, but for the home team, a draw is acceptable, compensate for more than 233, considering the let the ball is not sufficient, the game is still cautious and flat. 3, preferred 1. SMG recommended: Sheng Ping Shengping Fu + goals SMG recommended: 012 (old K)相关的主题文章: