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Exclusive review: 1.4 change Chinese billion to the future of football? Phoenix sports commentator Seedcases background news: Beijing time on October 22nd, China Football Association’s official website announced: according to the Chinese Football Association national team coaches selection procedure, through friendly consultations, China Football Association since October 22, 2016 officially hired Marcello · Mr. Lippi served as China national football team coach. Lippi signed the world did not have the Savior, but the Chinese Football Association or for Chinese football invited savior. The world famous Lippi’s arrival, let more Chinese fans believe that Chinese team in the 12 match of the fate, is it really possible The path winds along mountain ridges. Lippi has the ability to transform into the magic of magic, but in the ruins of Chinese football, it is necessary to rise from the ground and a high-rise? When Milutinovic will China into the football World Cup, the result is that Chinese football ushered in the more than and 10 years of chaos and corruption. Today, the Chinese Football Association chose Lippi, chose the biggest bet. If the Chinese team is relatively normal missed the world cup in Russia, then Lippi, the most expensive coach in history, you can block all the fans and media criticism of the mouth. The lines are ready: Lippi invited, China team does not qualify, really good Chinese fa. If the 2013 Camacho class, Chinese team hired Lippi; if Gao Hongbo led the China team scored 12 strong match, China team chose Lippi, may China football situation and state of mind, it is not now such a scenario. Cai Zhenhua dare to discuss the details of the problem with Lippi? Xu Jiayin and Lippi to discuss the issue of the contract price dare? When Chinese football into a dead end, Lippi is like Uncle, was carried to the position of the Chinese coach. With the world’s first pay invited Lippi, you have to unlock the Chinese football play into a knot line problem, not Chinese football’s most humorous side? Lippi can take about 140 million yuan a year from china. He may Chinese team into the world cup, but he can not solve the Chinese players technical level and ideological level can not solve the problem, the Super League amateur management and all kinds of unspoken rule, he can not solve the causes of ineffective training China football talent back…… We can’t to hold a sumptuous banquet, is to fling caution to the winds qingnangerchu. What’s more, Lippi’s astronomical wages simply can not be paid by the Chinese football association. As a result, Guangzhou Hengda took out a wallet, a lot of money out. Guangzhou Hengda charity? No. Xu Jiayin is taking the opportunity to football political investment. When Wanda Group sponsored Chinese football, a right to speak to the results of Chinese FA resolutely defend the civilian organization authority and power, Wang Jianlin 5 hundred million is basically down the drain. In his hand under the leadership of the Football Association Chinese over two football game with Perrin and Gao Hongbo, he has come to the point of the end of hills and rivers. And this time the emergence of Guangzhou Hengda, and Lippi appeared, the Chinese Football Association can not be refused, but also no bargaining capital. Guangzhou Hengda is about to win sixth consecutive times, then they will be in the Super League, will have absolute status and power. Even the national team are operating in Guangzhou hengda,.相关的主题文章: