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Inter exposure winter window hit 80 million Euro 4 will dig Manchester United Mourinho song Renqing? [] the Reds star loser incarnation of the winning hand bench scored two of the pres Tencent sports news November 14th Piorry just arrived at Inter, although it did not usher in the first show, but Suning group is ready to give him the next gift. "Rome sports newspaper" said, four players at the Milan international Mourinho doesn’t love, prepared in the winter window 80 million hit Europe they dug into the Nerazzurri, face old club purchase request, the "special one" will send out a good? Inter winter window ho purchased 4 generals in Milan United International De Boer’s bad record, at present their points is 17 points behind leaders Juventus (official data) Tucci as many as 13 points, ranking only ninth, this is Su Ning group cannot be satisfied, after all, the goal is to dominate the serie a top and enter the Champions League. The team in the grim situation, Suning group prepared in the transfer market resorted to generous, from "Rome sports newspaper" broke the news that the Milan international at the four United star edge. According to Italy media said, entering the international vision of the United Milan signings are Damian, four blinder, Smolin and Pres. In fact, four people have a certain strength, but also the age is not large, but they are not so much appreciated by Mourinho, the future may have been cleaned. From the four in the dream theater’s situation, Milan international poaching absolutely play, not to mention Mourinho is in charge of the Nerazzurri, for Inter, there is a feeling of the madman. According to the German "market" the figures add up to Damian, blinder, Smolin and pres four personal worth reached 82 million euros, although not low, but the current Suning group ostentatious, their new aid has the ability to bring ideal inter. (Ruud)相关的主题文章: