Family cough for so long, I did not expect that the reason is……

this is an article written by a mother who is a true story of her child.

sent this article, is to use this story to warn some of my friends, not a trivial matter in daily life, but may greatly affect the health of their families.

that year winter, my lovely son of a small contingent was born. The joy brought by the little life changed the winter of that year

get warm.

small but healthy beautiful, can eat to sleep, and especially love to laugh. My wife and I are excited, full of expectations, we are still learning how to do a good job of parents, children love carefully.

was 1 years old and had a "cold" at the age of 02 months. So I did not expect is a common disease, but let the son of frequent cough, severe wheezing, even purple lips symptoms.

we hurriedly send their children to the hospital, after the rescue didn’t get better. Doctors diagnosed children with childhood asthma. In this way, the nightmare begins.

in the next seven years, small asthma almost every month. Cough, wheezing and dyspnea became the children’s hospital infusion bottle homely food, became his playmate. I can’t go to work……

the whole family is worried. And I ran as long as the old dad received a telephone, the heart was immediately pulled tight:

child is not ill?

as long as the child for a period of time, not the disease, like in the holidays.

a child, asthma, very serious, sent to the hospital, the doctor in critical condition notice. I ran and torn with grief.

bronchial asthma is a chronic recurrent disease, the patient will appear at the onset of asthma, choking, coughing and other symptoms, severe suffocation or even death.

in order to cure the child’s disease, reduce the pain of the child, we almost asked all the provincial hospital department of respiration experts, but the answer is almost the same:

can induce asthma substance is very much, for specific patients, it is difficult to determine what kind of.

because the child a little run will cause breathing, so we have been afraid to let him have too much exercise, and sometimes can only look at other children playing. The child’s childhood is also missing a lot of fun.

also because of this reason, the small physical quality has not been high, the character has gradually become self closing and inferiority.