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Fan Haolun "where are you" to take you to explore the human nature of the tour – Sohu entertainment "where are you" will be in September 5th this year, the only one on the Chinese film in Venice. Able to stand out in a number of films, the judges affirmed that all aspects of the film will have its own unique place. The movie "where are you" is directed by Fan Haolun’s first self-made a crime film directed. According to director Fan Haolun revealed that the film is inspired by the true story of their own side. A sister grew up in his hometown, the sister family is a literary family, after graduating from junior high school to recruit students admitted to the field of a particularly good art school. And then there are times to return to the home of the Fan Haolun visit the sister, sister to see the mother, when asked how the recent expression, respond to the mother’s distress, repeated questioning, aunt took out a mobile phone to see the Fan Haolun, saying "Mom, help me". Later, I learned that my sister had an accident, the body has been found. Such a thing is that this is in the prime of young people to explore the social problems and the thinking of humanity. Coupled with years of experience in the film and television industry, so that he has to pursue their own pursuit of the film, his first director, "where are you" after several years of creation in 2016. The movie will be "domestic violence" and "child trafficking" social problems together, Fan Haolun the movie is about to start a human exploration of our popular tour. After many years of accumulated experience and his profound thinking, Fan Haolun put him through, he thought of a very big impact event, hope to awaken those who sleep in the wake of humanity bottom of the people, wake up thinking of human nature.相关的主题文章: