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Feng Ke sun wedding sweet love Jane Zhang ridicule: come out from the Sohu entertainment Feng Ke Jane Zhang took a group of creative wedding photos] [Click to view the   Sohu; entertainment news on November 6th, Feng Ke micro-blog and Jane Zhang drying out of the wedding, and Jane Zhang: "sweet affection that accompany you to build the Great Wall, eat string son, until the old." In the picture, two people playing mahjong together, eat a string of incenses, very close and interesting. Jane Zhang immediately forwarded this article, and quipped: "well, after all," coming out of the closet is not back!" It is reported that Feng Ke will be held this month in Italy, wedding. Users also have a message said: must be happy ah!" Sometime, be happy later!" Just last month, Jane Zhang’s mother Zhang Guiying publicly opposed her marriage, and the "hand" prospective son-in-law Feng Ke, and Feng Ke implicated the suspected derailed news, once much raise a Babel of criticism of. Finally, after one family reconciliation in Taiwan, bury the hatchet. In many year-end results! Jane Zhang Feng Ke in November 8, the wedding in October 8th, net exposure Jane Zhang and Feng Ke will hold a wedding in Italy in Beijing in November 8th, there has been some people received an invitation, there are media reports to its staff confirmed that the news is true. After the news leaked, Feng Ke micro-blog issued a document: "when a love, now finally marry to you", and Jane Zhang announced the marriage. Then Matt culture media chairman Chen Lizhi forwarded Jane Zhang micro-blog, with the text: "the bride don’t get angry, we ignore the blind people. November 8th, the United States and the United states!" Revealed that the two wedding will be held in November 8th. After that, Jane Zhang also forwarded the love Lang’s micro-blog and the sweet response: "you are a song I can not sing".   Jane Zhang Feng Ke and Feng Ke Jane Zhang is sweet love, silent love for 12 years, in July 2015, Jane Zhang was in the Changsha sing on the initiative to publish the two love. In October, Feng Ke at the Chengdu concert in the proposed success of the. Jane Zhang said in an interview, the two will be held in 2016 wedding. It is reported that Feng Ke is the president of the city of Beijing, the era of cultural communication company, he had a marriage, divorce in 2005, his ex-wife with children have emigrated. The road to marriage is not easy! Jane Zhang’s mother "ripped" after Feng Ke dropped the charges Jane Zhang and her boyfriend Feng Ke wedding soon, mother Zhang Guiying has published an open letter, accusing the prospective son-in-law Feng Ke deceived the daughter and her daughter, misappropriation of company shares, clearly against the two marriage. Zhang Guiying will also son-in-law Feng Ke to court. Birthday concert, Jane Zhang and his mother, Feng Ke three intimate photo [Photos] Click to view the night of October 11th, Jane Zhang’s 32 birthday concert at the Chengdu music house. That night, Feng Ke and Zhang mother not only back to the scene, but also with Jane Zhang with intimate photo. This God turning end, also let some users call can not accept, think she is suspected of speculation English album. In the face of doubt, Feng Ke firmly replied: there is no speculation, we are every thing is true, although very dramatic." While Jane Zhang in an interview with the group, but also for the rumors and Feng Ke相关的主题文章: