Fishbone card after drinking vinegar is reasonable

fish is a common dish on our table, however, due to the reasons such as hasty eating, improper diet, and less sensitive to the throat. Once the fishbone card throat, often according to the recipe immediately drink vinegar, trying to soften the bones, then swallow swallow strong rice and vegetable roll, this approach is reasonable?

Chongqing Cancer Hospital head and neck surgeons Tang Zhaoxian said, pharyngeal fishbones is one of the common emergency department of Otolaryngology Otolaryngology, after the majority of patients have fishbone card drink vinegar, rice and vegetable roll or swallow strong Steamed Buns history, this approach is unreasonable.

vinegar is made from sorghum, rice, wheat, corn and other raw materials, which contains many nutrients, the main ingredient is acetic acid, in addition to a variety of organic acids, amino acids, etc.. Vinegar contains organic acids for the promotion of gastric acid secretion is good. In theory, the fishbone vinegar can indeed be softening, but it takes long time to contact, immersion. It is not possible to soften the body. Because the human body itself has a very strong buffer system, vinegar after eating to participate in the normal metabolism of the body, the metabolism of carbon dioxide and water; the environment is not easy to be affected by the pH of food. We drink lots of vinegar just through the esophagus into the stomach, and a contact time is too short, impossible due to softening, anti vinegar acidity is too large to damage the throat mucosa, esophageal mucosa, gastric mucosa, and even induce peptic ulcer.

throat special anatomical structure of the position of occult, fishbone hard, sharp, easy to mistakenly pierce the tissue for pharyngeal bones. Most stay in the palatine tonsils, tongue tonsil, epiglottis Valley, a few remain in the pyriform sinus, epiglottis, aryepiglottic fold etc.. Such as fish swallowing, pharynx persistent tingling, fixed position, and swallowing row needles, there is the possibility of big fish. In general, under the indirect laryngoscope can fishbone successfully operated arch palate, soft palate, tonsil and other parts, but often because of the hypopharynx fishbone pharyngeal sensitivity, because patients do not cooperate with other difficult to remove. Then by means of electronic microlaryngoscopy, because of its soft, flexible, good light, free to change direction, through the advantages of screen magnification, you can clearly see the tongue tonsil, epiglottis Valley and fishbone stay position, promptly remove the bones. If not removed, can cause local soft tissue inflammation, parapharyngeal, retropharyngeal abscess etc..

Tang Zhaoxian reminded: eating fish to eat slowly, such as the error retropharyngeal, do not drink vinegar, rice and vegetable roll, Steamed Buns self swallow food, so as not to break or make the fish bone fishbone exposed to deep tissue penetration, increase the difficulty of searching. The correct approach is to temporarily stop swallowing, let the throat muscles relax, then mild cough, to see whether the barb is discharged. If not to cough up, immediately to the timely removal of otorhinolaryngology.