Flower slide Canadian station short program sequence Chen Weiqun-winavi video converter

Skating Canada station short program in order of appearance: with Chen Weiqun sina sports yuzuru Hanyu Hanyu string 2016-2017 season Grand Prix of figure skating Canada station will be in Beijing this Saturday morning opening, this race is the biggest surprise of China star Yan can be on the podium, a new combination of Yu Xiaoyu Zhang Hao can bring surprises. Chen Weiqun, the famous Hanyu string single skating competition in men’s is undoubtedly the biggest focus, while Medvedeva and Gong know between PK return the same concern, exciting dance former Olympic champion Val Tu Moyer. The following is the tournament squad, the short program short dance in order of appearance: October 29th Beijing time 02:57-04:30’s short program Beijing October 29th 04:48-05:55 double short program Beijing October 29th 07:30-08:48 October 29th Beijing time 09:08-10:41 dance dance short men’s short program (Sina snow)相关的主题文章: