Flying from Luding Bridge for the victory for the revolution without pity on military —

Flying from Luding Bridge   for the victory for the revolution without pity on military people online map: Luding Bridge today. "Luding Bridge mountains, tshewang photo peak thousand miles into the clouds." Starting from the Anshunchang, closer to the Luding County, the terrain is more important. Walking in the mountain canyon, unilateral trail on the left side of the road is winding ups and downs, touch the sky mountain, the roaring waves of the Dadu River, little attention is the risk of falling. Peer Luding County Department of lands and chief Zeven told reporters, the vanguard is along this way, all the way through, eventually flying from Luding Bridge. In May 27, 1935, the 4 regiment in the red head Wang Kaixiang, political commissar Yang Chengwu led from the West Bank of the Dadu River Anshun Luding Bridge raid. Under normal circumstances, 3 days in 160 kilometers is not difficult. Can walk in only one person through the cliffs, but always beware of the enemy ambush, the first day is only more than and 40 kilometers away. The second day, the committee also urgent telegram, 29 days to win Luding Bridge limited. To the rest of the Red Army officers rushed to chew rice, drink cold water, day and night 65th, literally on the 29 morning arrived at the Luding Bridge. Luding bridge, the river is still. 600 meters away from the bridge of the Red Army to win the Luding Bridge Monument Park Avenue on both sides, standing on the top of the pillars of the granite pillars, representing the 22 warriors won the bridge. Monument body chain abstract geometric shape, well-proportioned, front platform connected with the body of the monument, stands two statues in the iron climbing on the advancing Red Army soldier statue — a gun, an arm bomb. I stare, solemn towering statue seemed to reproduce the brilliant battle startled world indescribably tragic. When the red army arrived at the West Bank of Luding Bridge, most of the boards on the bridge had been demolished, and the enemy built fortifications in the East Bridge, and used heavy machine guns and mortars to shoot to the west. Critical juncture, the red 4 from the group of, Liao Dazhu and other elected to choose the 22 warriors, composed of the bridge assault team. 16, the 22 warriors braved the enemy intensive fire, the impact on the other side. Three commander Wang Youcai led the whole company with commandos, in addition to carrying weapons, each of them with a piece of wood, while laying the bridge charge. 22 commando warriors in a hail of bullets in the climbing rope move faster. Close to the bridge, on the other side of the fortifications in the enemy by the warrior’s courage to deter, have turned to escape. After more than two hours of fighting, successfully capturing Luding Bridge, as the red army out of danger kill to open a trail. Continue to move forward, the reporter went to the Red Army to win the Luding Bridge Memorial hall. Luding County Cultural Relics Bureau, told reporters Wang Ying, grew up in Luding Bridge, she grew up listening to the story of the red army. When she does not understand: the long range, the Red Army in the end is what tired over for the enemy, from Luding Bridge? Today, has been explained for 11 years, Wang Ying has found the answer. She pointed to a written "iron will, blood sacrifice on the board said: the Reds can create the world military history, is derived from flying from Luding Bridge reflects the indomitable, not cherish the spirit of revolutionary heroism. Although the long march has been dispersed, but the Red Army left相关的主题文章: