For only one suite, the price is not

For only one suite, the house price is of little significance to the original title: buy a net profit of one million, I was sitting on the last bus but it where the author: Source: West Slope public number "glacier thought library" of the two day, some Suzhou local public and I pay attention to the high tide. Although they are three days a neap, five days a tide, but the climax may be more violent. Because Suzhou has made a new king. I feel the pressure for their small vocabulary, like what "the high price of flour bread", "love" and "no" and the like, the last year has been used one, fortunately, since the media age of readers is forgetful. Since 2015, Suzhou’s real estate market in the country is very eye-catching performance. I just saw a news report that Suzhou’s land dependence index was 82.6% in the first 8 months of this year. I do not know why, every time to see the news of rising housing prices in Suzhou, Suzhou, I have a bit of new immigrants embarrassment. Not because I am now a vested interest, but because of a coincidence. My wife and I moved to Suzhou from Beijing in early 2015. There are many reasons to escape from Beijing, in the final analysis of four words – can not afford housing. Later learned that before we come for many years, Suzhou’s housing prices have changed, in contrast to the Beijing River sea. We have just arrived in Suzhou, I heard that the average price of about 10 thousand yuan a square meter, very surprised. As accustomed to Beijing’s congestion, where they found all the way through, see more prices in Beijing, where all feel that the house is the price of cabbage, Shanghai, except Shenzhen. But then we do not have the idea to buy a house, but I think in this city, buy a house is a thing to look forward to. There is no price pressure, and catch up with the good time of Jiangnan Spring Green, that time came to Suzhou, very leisurely and carefree. Absolutely did not expect, how long is not easy, I witnessed the Suzhou trot into the real era. Perhaps fate, I fled to Beijing, but can not escape the palm of the house. My reaction is always slow, and so is the price. In 2015, the Suzhou housing prices, especially housing prices soaring in the park, several soil shoot, shoot once a rose. But this is what I learned from the sale of real estate. I was just beginning to realize that house prices were rising. At that time the house rent, the landlord suddenly to recover, said the emergency money to sell. The landlord’s attitude is very firm, happy to pay liquidated damages. We asked about, the original set of houses in a few months the price has risen several thousand, rose to 16 thousand yuan per square meter. At that time, this is a very high price, is the previous Suzhou not dare to imagine, the landlord is eager to sell at a high price is also reasonable. Then we discuss more than once, if the landlord of the house was really shot, he will be cursed himself for many years. See around the house prices have soared to 16 thousand yuan a square meter, we started a bit anxious, but not immediately determined to buy a house. It is a chance, a friend of Beijing to Suzhou on a business trip, talking about the price of Suzhou, he took his own experience in Beijing to buy a house as a basis, advised me to seize the opportunity. The Hao相关的主题文章: