For-profit private schools to ban compulsory education g-area meru

Profit oriented private schools to prohibit compulsory education in the field of compulsory education may prohibit for-profit private schools involved. Yesterday, private education promotion law amendment, to the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee of the third review, which is clear: "held in private schools can choose a nonprofit or for-profit private schools. However, it is not allowed to set up for-profit private schools for compulsory education." In December last year, the draft amendment to consider the draft of the two draft of the provisions of the first article: private school organizers can choose to set up non-profit or for-profit private schools". According to the Standing Committee of the NPC Law Committee, the for-profit private schools in this article after the supplementary provisions shall not establish compulsory education because some members of the Standing Committee, and the public, in the areas of compulsory education, should be restricted to organize for-profit private schools, legal advice to reflect; the Ministry of Education also proposed according to the the spirit of the CPC Central Committee, allowed to hold schools in compulsory education stage profit, also should be clear. Comparison of the draft two reviewers, the draft of the manuscript on the three profit and non-profit private school land policy has been adjusted. Draft two reviewers provisions: new, expansion of non-profit private schools, the people’s government should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the construction of public welfare land allocation, etc.." Draft three reviewers shall be amended as: new, expansion of non-profit private schools, the government should be in accordance with the principle of public schools and the allocation of land to give preferential treatment. The government shall provide land in accordance with state regulations for the construction and expansion of for-profit private schools. > > look at the classification of private schools in the three year of the transition period of private school classification management reform is one of the important contents of private education to promote law amendment. Draft in August 2015 for the first time that the provisions of the review, private schools can choose to register as a non-profit or for-profit legal person. The management mode of non profit private schools shall be decided by the provincial government; the charging standards for for-profit private schools shall be regulated by the market. As a result, private schools have been established before the transition to for-profit and non-profit private schools, it is necessary to make appropriate arrangements. Two reviewers provisions of the draft, on the implementation of this decision before the establishment of private schools, in the three years after the implementation of this decision according to this decision to make adjustments, the investor can give a one-time application, reasonable compensation to investors from the school after the liquidation of the financial balance or surplus property. The compensation shall take into account the factors such as the original investment of the investor, the benefit of running a school and the reasonable return. The draft three reviewers to cancel the provisions of the three years transition period and clear: "the announcement of the decision before the establishment of private schools, choose to register for non-profit private schools, according to this decision after the amendment of the articles of association of the school to school, at the end, private schools in accordance with the provisions of the property law after the settlement of the remaining. According to the investor’s application, comprehensive consideration in the implementation of this decision before the investment, to obtain a reasonable return on the situation and educational benefits and other factors, to give.相关的主题文章: