Forensic Qin Ming file and Guoneishoubu; forensic drama industry — entertainmen onavo protect

"Forensic Qin Ming" file   and Guoneishoubu; forensic drama industry — entertainment channel — begin to display talents by Sohu Bo set video and Film Co produced and directed by Xu Ang, Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan, Li now starring Guoneishoubu forensic drama industry exposed the first trailers and posters, which was adapted from forensic Qin Ming literary works of "Eleventh fingers". It is understood that the network drama "forensic Qin Ming" will be in the original story of forensic real reduction, demonstrating the "ghost Buddha" forensic occupation to the audience, for the audience to send "the mainland version of the" crime scene ". From 2014 the first network drama drama "long drama rush of that year" to the first portion of the original network IP hatch into big movie "?" to wire men, the first output to the TV network drama "he comes, please close your eyes", and the first to issue overseas web series "careless" method that is the biggest characteristic of early adopters to early adopters at Sohu video, and has never changed the original intention. Now the first forensic drama industry "forensic Qin Ming" will be on the line, it will bring great innovation and breakthrough of a professional drama type pilot notices and posters! The concept of mysterious atmosphere of tension stunning exposure dialogue collocation cited conjecture recently, network drama "forensic Qin Ming" exposed Pilot Trailer and poster. Notice the posters, forensic work utensils neatly issued cold light in the pocket of his suit, suddenly create a tense atmosphere. This screen allows users to open the brain hole, detonated netizens guess. When the trailer is 1 minutes long, not only to the Qin Ming clothing out of the spy film agent wearing a woolen coat handsome, more shuttle at home, the scene of the crime, autopsy, forensic life will show to the audience but that mood swings but there is no reason to tempt the audience appetite. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: